Professional Disciplinarian

Do you desire strict discipline to keep you on the straight and narrow?


Do you need to be shown – in no uncertain terms – the error of your ways?

Do you crave the recreation of sensations from bygone times in a safe environment, free from judgement?

Do you yearn for an unyielding female with an iron-willed finesse to carry out your punishment judiciously?

For those brave enough,
the path to atonement begins here.

Business Update

While the current political and economic climate continues to cast uncertainty over the spanking industry – as well as the sex industry as  whole - I have made the decision to re-evaluate my goals. Moving forward, I will be scaling down my business to a more...

New Contact Information

Due to a change in the T&Cs of my email service provider, I can now be contacted at:    Please direct all future correspondence to this...

New Rooms Coming Soon!

My new work premises is open for business.       The Domestic Room  Original wooden floor Central heating and ceiling fan Suitable for domestic living room & bedroom scenarios Pre & post session relaxation space Tea & coffee facilities    ...

Moving in March

Thank you to everyone who has showed continued patience and understanding during my moving process.   My moving date is now set for next week (w/c 19th March).    As you will note from my online calendar, I have no availability left at my current premises...

February Update

This news may end up being a little previous, though as it directly affects my sessions I am sharing it with you all now:   I am planning a move!   I had hoped to have more specific details by this point but, as yet, I am very much in the dark about when the...

“While there are other ladies out there who are fun to play with, I think you would have to go a long way to meet a parallel with Miss Kendal; for a combination of sensitivity to what will excite her ‘victim’, of skill with her implements, of a wisdom beyond her years shown in the conversation afterwards, and of the fresh beauty of the girl next door!  And above all, of being someone who so clearly enjoys what she does, which is perhaps the most important thing of all!”

“Don’t let her stature fool you, this woman is small but VERY strict, she maybe petite, but she is VERY powerful.”

“Miss Kendal is an artist.”

Many people advertise they can get inside and control your mind, but you are the only person who has ever achieved it, even with having to focus on role play you still had control,  emptying my thoughts to absolute submission. Pure genius.

“Miss Kendal is fiercely intelligent and frighteningly perceptive. It often feels like she is inside my head. I have never cried since childhood. When she first made me cry it was a surreal ‘this can’t be happening’ moment. Now I have cried many times. I have sobbed uncontrollably before she even touched me.”