While the current political and economic climate continues to cast uncertainty over the spanking industry – as well as the sex industry as  whole – I have made the decision to re-evaluate my goals. Moving forward, I will be scaling down my business to a more manageable size. What this means is that the information I share publicly will not be as readily-available as it is at the moment.


My real time work will continue as before, with my efforts being focused on the D/s and disciplinary relationships I am developing. I will be taking on new clients very selectively, with my preference remaining to build long lasting, mutually beneficial arrangements, rather than one-off experiences.


Over the coming weeks, I will be instigating changes across my website, social media profiles and advertisements. Please do not be deterred or concerned – there are many personal and professional reasons why I have chosen to refocus my attention, not least of which is that I have so many wonderfully loyal bottoms who deserve it. The scene is full of incredible people just crying out to be spanked and, as a professional, it is absolutely possible to spread yourself too thin. I won’t run the risk of burning out and not being there for the bottoms who need me. I believe you make a mutual commitment when you enter into this kind of relationship, and I take these commitments seriously.


I’m also increasingly busy, with much of my non-disciplinary time being spent on my new premises, business administration and several personal goals which I have been excited to begin for some time. There is an element of self-care and self-preservation in my decision. I am incredibly grateful to have the freedom to make this choice and, as ever, I would like to extend my thanks to all of my bottoms, followers, fans and friends for your continued support.


More and more, I feel Twitter has an air of ‘Big Brother’ about it that continues to concern me. The safety and anonymity of my bottoms is a priority of mine. The safe and happy space that I once enjoyed no longer feels as such. To that end, I will be deleting the current Twitter account of ‘Miss_KendalUK’, with a view to possibly relaunching another profile on there much later in the year. As some of you may have noticed, I have launched an account on OnlyFans.com. I am trialling this private account as a space to share my daily spanking fun. It is subscription-based and therefore (hopefully) compliant if and when any age verification laws are passed in the UK. I don’t profess to know as much as I would like to about this at present, but for those wishing to learn more, PandoraBlake.com offers excellent insight on the topic.


I am able to offer a more discreet payment option for OnlyFans. Please email me at MissKendalUK@protonmail.com for information.


If you have been hesitant about booking a one-off session with me, now is the time. I will continue to accept polite requests until it no longer suits me to do so. For those seeking a more long term disciplinary relationship, with or without a D/s aspect, please forward your application via email.