Arranging Your Session

Whether it’s your first session or your 51st session with me, there are always plenty of things to consider when planning our time together.

One thing I pride myself on is catering to the needs of my clients individually; no two sessions are the same. To help me understand how we can both get the best from our time together, read through the tips below when in the planning phases:

Make Suggestions

We both need to enjoy the session for it to be a success so I value your input when it comes to planning some of the scenes. Feel free to let me know if something specific has been on your mind recently so we can explore it together. Perhaps you’ve spotted an implement in one of my posts that you’d love to try. Maybe you’d like to include role-play or leave it aside for this session and play as ourselves. Making suggestions to give me ideas of how to plan our session is absolutely encouraged, though do ensure you are not over-planning or micromanaging the time as it will simply not flow. I won’t work with scripts or lengthy scenarios that allow only little creativity on my part.

Take Your Time

The length of your session may very well depend on your budget – and that is absolutely fine – but do consider what time we have together when arranging our session. Thirty minute appointments are not adequate enough to incorporate elaborate role-play, various implements and time to get you into and out of restraints. By the same token, if you’ve booked for two or more hours with me, you will need to think about ideas to fill our time with. A decent role-play scenario or a session split into two parts works well in these kinds of circumstances.

Keep Sex Out of It

I’ve stressed this point on a previous page and will do so again – please avoid over-sexualising your session. Think carefully about what you need to feel from the session and, if need be, write and save a draft of your session idea to revisit the following day and make any changes. Consider what is truly important to you; the need to feel punished or the need for me to dress in a certain way? I appreciate that for some this adds to the experience (i.e. a Headmistress gown) so I will consider each request on its own merit. However, in general, this is not an environment for sexual exploration.

Be Realistic

I don’t have a little black book of girl friends who would like to witness your punishment without recompense. I won’t set up lengthy sessions so you can have nap time in between spankings, as much as I appreciate how wonderful this sounds! The session ideas must be realistic when considering you are visiting a professional for a set period of time.

Accept My Decision

Ultimately, these are my sessions conducted on my premises. If I am not comfortable with something you request, I will advise in as polite a fashion as you made the request. If we mutually agree we can play without that aspect, we can proceed to the session. However, if you cannot accept my final decision on a matter, you will not be permitted to visit me. Bargaining and reasoning when I have clearly stated ‘no’ is unacceptable.