How to Approach Me

It may be cliché, but it’s true that first impressions really matter. You don’t get a second chance to make one, so make it count. Similar to a job interview, I find that I can often make my decision as to whether I will session with an applicant within the first 10 seconds of looking over their email.

Personally for me, it is all about respect. If you are serious about wanting to session with me, take a look through the points below for helpful tips on how to construct that all-important initial email.

Some of these points will also apply to other ladies in the industry, other points may not. It is important that you understand we are individuals – what works for one will not necessarily work for another. I cannot stress enough that you should always take the time to find out everything you can about the lady you hope to play with before contacting her.

Address Me Correctly

Please use my name rather than simply ‘Hi’. I am Miss Kendal, spelt with one ‘l’. You may also use Ma’am, but never Mistress. I don’t identify as one nor do I enjoy the word. Please refrain from terms such as Princess or Goddess too. Any emails containing these terms will be deleted without being read.

Mention why you have decided to contact me specifically and be sure your email does not seem like a copy and paste. 

Consider Your Questions

Do you need to ask something?  Have you checked my website first to be sure the information is not already available? It is an irritation to have to answer the same questions time and time again, which is why I spend a vast amount of time updating my website with relevant information. If there is something to which you genuinely cannot find the answer, then requesting the detail is perfectly acceptable. 

Mind Your Manners

Be polite and respectful towards me.  Don’t presume to initiate any play by adopting a bratty attitude. My previous blog gives a detailed explanation of why this kind of behaviour is unacceptable.  Calling me insulting names or questioning my confidence and skill levels in an attempt to provoke me into wanting to spank you is both pointless and dangerous. I do not play when I’m angry.

Give Details

When conversing for the first time via email, be sure that you include some information on your interests and past experiences. Think specifically about what draws you to this world. Are there particular implements that hold a fascination for you?  Does role-play appeal to you? If so, which scenarios in particular? Do you need to feel punished or do you prefer a more relaxed approach? Simply requesting a session with me isn’t enough. I need to be sure that our interests are similar and can be enjoyed mutually in session.

Don’t Negotiate

My terms and my tribute are non-negotiable. I list them clearly on my site to avoid any confusion or grey areas.  It is highly disrespectful to request that I undercut my regular clients by offering discounted sessions to a total stranger, regardless of your reasoning.  I don’t make same-day appointments, nor do I change my times of work or forego the requirement for deposits.

Be Honest

If you’ve never been spanked before, you must tell me. If excessive marks on your body for several days are going to be an issue, you must tell me. If you have any health conditions that might affect our play, you must tell me.  If you’re not really into CP and have simply contacted me in the hopes I will accommodate your fetish when you arrive, delete your email before clicking send.

Keep Sex Out of It

I do not mix spanking or CP with sex.  I do not conduct any sex acts in my premises, nor do I permit ‘DIY’. I am prepared to consider polite requests re: style of clothing, providing the request is relevant to your kink or scenario. For example, do not request a Headmistress scenario and then ask me to wear a short skirt with stockings. Attempts to over-sexualise sessions are unwelcome.

Have Patience

Once you’ve clicked the send button your email – relax. I do aim to respond to all session requests within 24 hours, although certain circumstances can make this impossible on occasion. I don’t send automatic replies to anyone unless I am on holiday or away for more than 72 hours. All other replies, aside from ones detailing my absence, are personalised responses.

Do understand, however, that I have a busy work schedule and cannot indulge in daily chit chat. Please respect my hours of work and do not chase for a response either via email or on social media. I prefer email contact to text messages or Twitter DM’s. I receive and welcome polite emails from fans but please understand that my clients take priority.