Support My Business

If you are a fan of my work and wish to show your support for my business, there are various ways to get involved. With methods to suit all interests, you can become a Business Supporter today.



Realtime Sessions

Of course, these are at the very core of what I do. If you are feeling brave, why not book a realtime session with me and embark on your Disciplinary journey today? This is the best way to support my business, enhance my excitement and get something for yourself in return too! 


Skype Sessions

Too far or too nervous for realtime? Skype is an easy way to connect with me and show your support, regularly if you prefer. You get my undivided attention for the period of the session – what could be more enticing? Click here to find out more.


Custom Photography

I love taking pictures and having regular shoots with my favourite photographers. So many people have their own ideas for how they would like the shots to look, depending on their personal fetishes. Why not order a set today? Creating these images regularly gives me a constant stream of wonderful CP photos to use across my sites and social media, but also allows me to connect personally with you to create something truly special. Read the info page for details.


Homework Challenges

Using the challenges I have created to further your Disciplinary journey is a wonderful way to interact with me and help to promote my services. You receive additional bonuses for getting through the tasks and have your work marked personally by me. Find out if you have what it takes here.


Regular Business Supporter

You may not wish to get any additional privileges or attention as a result of your support. Perhaps knowing that you are contributing to my career is enough of a reward for you. Maybe you would like to buy a new implement for me and have the chance to see what damage you can cause from afar. Perhaps you regularly follow my Blog and want to express appreciation for what I share. It could be that you would like to invest in the longevity of my career by assisting with bills or other equipment purchases. In which case, contact me today via email to discuss the potential to become a Regular Business Supporter.



After many requests, I have finally set up a Wishlist here to give you a better idea of the kinds of gifts I enjoy and take the guess work out for you. Alternatively, it’s easy to send a UK Amazon Gift Card to and allow me the opportunity to search for myself.






Any and all business support is greatly appreciated. To those of you who choose to support me, I offer you my heartfelt thanks. You make a strict lady very happy.