Can we speak on the phone?

I only share my telephone phone number with real time clients who have confirmed a session with me. I do not take bookings over the phone. You will need an email address (free to set up) to make inital contact with me.

If you would like to talk before booking a realtime appointment, I offer Skype Sessions with both audio and video options. See here for more details.

Can I DM you on Twitter?

If we don’t know one another, I would rather you did not try begin conversation this way. If you are applying for a realtime session, please use email only. I may indulge in some Twitter DM conversations at my discretion but am not available for daily chit chat. All session bookings are to be made via email.

Can I email you?

Of course. Ensure you specify the service you are interested in and provide detail as required. Be aware that some of the emails I receive go unanswered due to the lack of attention or respect they show for the wealth of information on my site. Your first email should contain enough information for me to decide whether or not you deserve my attention. If it doesn’t, you don’t.

Why hasn’t my email been answered?

I aim to respond to all polite emails within 48 hours of receipt, where possible. Please understand my schedule can get very busy and I prioritise service requests. If it has been seven days or more since you sent your email and the email address used was correct, you may assume that I did not consider the content to be worthy of a reply. You can find more information here about how to compose a good first email to me, or check again through these FAQ’s to be sure you have approached correctly.

Do you have any clips where I can watch / hear you?

At present, I am filming with Girl Next Door Productions. You can support both my business and theirs by viewing the clips here. I am developing my own range of clips which will be available through iWantClips.com soon. Please check my Blog regularly for updates.

Can you tell me more about yourself? Partner? Job? Past experiences? Family life?

No. I publish blogs and articles with information I consider to be relevant to my services. I do not expect to receive questions that pry into my social and private life.

Would you like me to clean your house / be your chauffeur etc?

No, thank you. I am incredibly independent and prefer things done my way. On occasion, I may advertise for one off opportunities to assist me with larger projects, though I am always far more likely to give the honour to those who have taken the time to visit me. Check my Blog and Twitter feed regularly to keep abreast of any opportunities.

Can I be your personal sub/slave?

No. Firstly, I have no use for slaves. If I chose to take on a personal spankee/submissive, I will seek out those who have already established a relationship with me. 

Do you offer any other services than realtime sessions?

Yes. There are several ways to connect with me if you are unable to visit in person. Take a look through this page and read the relevant FAQ tabs above to find out more.

How can I support your business?

If you are a fan of my work and would like to show your appreciation by helping my business to grow, there are various ways to get involved. Click here for more information.

What is your fee?

My fees vary depending on the length of your session. All information can be easily found here.

Why do you need a deposit?

There are many reasons why this is necessary, not least of which is to ensure me of your intention to attend the planned session. See here for more information

What if I can’t afford the deposit?

Then you can’t afford the remaining session rate.

Can I pay in full on the day instead?

No. There are no exceptions.

How do you accept deposits?

My usual deposit requirement is 25% of your total session cost. Bank details are available upon request for online or over the counter deposits. Alternatively, you may purchase an E360 voucher and provide the code at the bottom of the receipt.

Can I pay using PayPal etc?

No. I only accept the aforementioned payment methods for deposits.

How do I pay the remaining fee?

Please bring cash on the day of your session (minus any deposit paid). This must be pre-counted to avoid embarrassment. Please do not offer me torn or heavily marked notes. You may also make a bank transfer which must be credited to my account at least 60 minutes prior to the session but no more than 24 hours before.

I wish your rates were lower so I could visit you.

What a shame. This kind of attitude is a complete turn off. My service is a luxury and my rates are highly competitive.

Where are you located?

I am based in the West Midlands. I don’t publish specifics for obvious reasons. My Location page gives details of the nearest transport links and details on my facilities.

Will you visit me?

I have spent vast amounts of time, money and effort setting up my play spaces for safe, professional sessions. Other than occasional events and tours, I operate solely from my own premises. I do not make home or hotel visits.

Do you ever travel to area x?

If and when I do travel, I will announce it clearly on my blog and Twitter page. I will not respond to one line emails asking if I visit certain areas. Please check for yourself.

Can I see you today?

I don’t offer same day sessions until we have an established relationship. If you are a new client, please allow a minimum 24 hours’ notice for your first session. Those who have gained access to my Naughty Corner will find further detail on how to book for the same day in the posts pages. 

Can we speak on the phone?

Once your first session is confirmed and a deposit paid, I will provide my phone number. I may be able to arrange one brief phone call to discuss the specifics of your session, however this is not guaranteed. I never answer calls unless prearranged so please do not ring me unannounced. Please do not leave voicemail messages.

If you have an emergency and believe I am the only person you can talk to (i.e. severe sub drop), please text me prior to calling and I can advise if I am free to speak.

Any and all calls must be polite and respectful by nature. I will never discuss your forthcoming punishment in detail or provide masturbation material. I will end a call if I feel it is leading down this path.

Can I text you?

You are required to text me on the morning of your appointment (before 9.30am unless otherwise stated). I will not enter into lengthy text conversations nor engage with you daily. My preferred method of contact is always email. There is never a need to follow up an email with a text.

If I’ve not heard from you in some time, text is certainly not the way to regain my attention. It is all too common to disregard social etiquette via text and you’re more likely to frustrate me with an over familiar approach.

Can I DM (Direct Message) you on Twitter?

If you are a current client of mine, please be aware that I cannot communicate on an individual basis daily. My Twitter account is primarily for business and marketing purposes. Any and all communication should be polite, brief and not an attempt to initiate free play. All session bookings are to be made via email.

Do you switch?

In a professional context, never.

Are you sadistic?

I do consider myself to be somewhat of a sadist, however this has limits in itself. I prefer psychological sadism though I do gain pleasure from administering harsh Discipline when necessary. 

Do you use safe words?

Generally speaking, no. I deal with authentic Discipline – there is nothing authentic about being able to stop your own punishment by quoting a single word. I monitor your reactions and administer spankings / canings at levels that you can handle. It ends when I say it ends.

Can I select the implement(s) or number of strokes?

Again, this is usually a no. If we are dealing with a punishment scenario, you will have no say in this at all, save for advising me of your hard limits. If you are attending a light hearted, exploratory session, you may indicate if there are implements you wish to try. I will always allow you to give me details of your past experiences, limits and preferences but the final decision rests with me.

How long does a spanking / caning last?

As long as it needs to. You will not be spanked or caned for the entire session duration. Our time will be filled with many aspects of Discipline. Your limits will be tested but not exceeded.

Do you allow bleeding?

A little. I will permit minimal bleeding during session if this is your preference, though it will never amount to blood spatter across walls etc. Your skin will be monitored closely and aftercare adjusted to suit your needs. 

Will you wear a particular item / outfit?

As a grown woman, I prefer to choose my own clothes. I’m sure you can appreciate this. I do enjoy dressing in a feminine manner anyway (as you can see from my Session Gallery) so rarely need encouragement to present myself well. If I feel a scene would be enhanced by certain outfits (i.e. Headmistress) then I will dress appropriately. Any requests that are made are to be polite, non-sexual and with good reason. I reserve the right to refuse, of course.

Will you dress down?

For many, spanking and sexual desire do not need to be mixed. If you feel my style of dress may divert your attention from the matter at hand, please indicate so upon application. I can and do wear jeans for sessions, as well as other informal attire.

What shall I wear?

I have no specific requirements for your attire, though your clothing should be clean and fresh smelling. No attention-grabbing outfits or soiled workwear. In hotter months, you are not permitted to arrive in a state of undress (i.e. shirt off).

You are welcome to bring outfits for yourself (i.e. school uniform, pyjamas etc) though you must consider my time. Private space to change is available.

What is the age range of people you see?

Generally, I prefer the older generations. I will not session with anyone below the age of 18 for legal reasons. In my experience, those under 30 have not yet developed the correct attitude to win my favour. There is no upper age limit for clients, however you must be fit and well enough to withstand impact play. You must also declare any health conditions to me in advance.

Can I bring my partner / sub etc?

Potentially, dependent upon the nature of the session. I evaluate each request of this nature on its own merit. Please don’t be offended if I request an additional fee, especially if play is expected for both parties.

Note: all session applications are to be made by the person who will be punished. Do not ask me to spank your sub / spouse / partner unless they are willing to speak with me in advance.

Do you do role play?

Absolutely. I pride myself on my attention to detail. 

Are there any roles you won’t play?

I will never pose as an escort and despise this sexual element to role play. I will not pretend to be your girlfriend or partner, nor will I flirt with you or touch you in a sexual manner. I do not feel comfortable with racial play either.

Do you permit age play?

I am very fond of age play and have a natural maternal instinct. As with any session, it must be strictly non-sexual in nature. I am not a ‘Mommy’ though, please do not confuse age play / regression with adult baby (AB/DL). You will not be permitted to wear nappies or soil your clothing. You must remember this is about Discipline.

Can I take pictures of you during session for personal use?

No. All of my pictures are taken by selected photographers or selfie shots.

Can I record my session for personal use (video / audio)?

Yes. This will incur a surcharge and you will be expected to sign an agreement to assure me you will not publish the material. 

Can I take you to dinner / lunch?

Thank you for the thought, but no. We must maintain a professional distance from one another at all times.

Do you accept gifts or tips?

I do indeed however these are not expected, nor will I ‘order’ you to treat me. Those wishing to purchase a gift to thank me for a session may either use this link or bring an item of their choosing. Please do not bring food items or clothing without prior discussion.

Do you permit foot / nlyon / shoe worship?

I will allow you to thank me for a session by putting you beneath my feet if this feels natural for you, though it is only ever available at my discretion. Let me be clear however, this is not an invitation to deposit the excrement of your sexual peak about my person. Respectful, gracious worship does not involve the genitals.

Am I allowed to be naked during session?

Yes. I have no problem with nudity on your part, including during OTK spanking. Nudity is not expected however, so do express if you would prefer to remain partially/fully clothed.

Do you have shower facilities I can use?

You may shower before or after a session provided we have discussed this possibility in advance. It may be advisable in hot weather or after long journeys. Clean towels and unscented soap are available.

Can I visit you for social time, outside of working hours?

As with dinners, I do not offer my time socially. This is a professional service and is simple in nature. Please do not try to confuse our relationship by suggesting anything other than the services I offer.

When are Skype Sessions available?

You may enquire about a Skype Session for any date showing as available in my online calendar. Pre-booked sessions are advisable. Short notice dates may be announced via my Twitter Page or Blog.

How do I book a session?

Check my Availability Calendar then email me with the preferred date and time of your session. Include some details on the kind of session you would enjoy. Once I have responded, you will need to pay the full session fee to confirm the slot. See here for more information

Can I pay on the day?

Only if you book a short notice session. Advanced bookings need to be paid for in full to allow me to schedule around the confirmed time. All on the day sessions must be paid for in full at least 30 minutes prior to commencement.

Can realtime clients book Skype Sessions?

By all means. It is a great way to keep in touch or perhaps discuss your next session with me. If you have access, be sure to check the Naughty Corner for regular discounts or offers.

Can I book regular sessions for ongoing Discipline?

If you are unable to visit me regularly or at all you may use these sessions to establish or maintain an ongoing relationship with me. Be sure to include this information in your initial email so I may ascertain if I have the space to take on another Distance Disciplinee.  

Can I see you?

Yes, if you book a video session. You do not have to show yourself if you feel you are unable to, though I must be able to hear you clearly. 

Can we have an informal chat?

Yes. Some people use this time to seek my advice on their CP journey or simply to connect with someone who shares an interest in Discipline. Indicate in your initial email that this is your preference.

Can you scold me?

Yes. If you would rather, I can Discipline you verbally. You will need to give me some information to focus on in your initial email and I will ask leading questions to determine the level of admonishment required.

Can you instruct me to spank myself?

Absolutely. If this is something you would like to explore, please include some detail of your previous experience and general health. It is worth noting down what implements you can bring to the session and taking a few practice swings to be sure you can effectively use them on yourself.

Can I relieve myself while talking to you?

No. If I hear any indication of this kind of nonsense I will end the call immediately. There are services for this – use them.

Will you wear a particular outfit for video sessions?

As with my realtime sessions, I prefer to dress myself according to my mood or the scenario at hand. I will always be presentable and dressed appropriately for the kind of session we are conducting.

Will you have a sub with you?

No. I will be alone either on the phone or on camera.

Do you take your clothes off?


Can I take my clothes off?

Yes. You are also permitted to remain clothed if this is your preference.

What if my internet connection is faulty?

Test this before applying for a session. I have high speed fibre optic broadband with a very strong internet connection. It is your responsibility to ensure your connection does not fail during a call. I cannot guarantee to extend call time if we lose connection.

What if I need to change or cancel my session time?

As with realtime sessions, I will need as much notice as possible. Session times and dates can be changed subject to availability and at my discretion. If I am not able to rearrange the slot you may incur a 50% fee (with the outstanding monies paid being transferable to a new slot).

Who can buy a set of customised photographs?

Anyone who can use one of my preferred payment methods. 

How do I order them?

Please send me an email with some details on your preferences. It is better to give a good amount of detail on the initial email so I can advise if I am able to create your preferred shot. Once payment is made, the shots will be taken and sent to an email address of your choice. Please allow up to ten days for this (unless otherwise advised). 

Can I pay upon receipt of the pictures to make sure I am happy?


Can I request certain clothing?

Yes. Please check through my current Galleries and Twitter page to see the kinds of clothing I wear. I will not adhere to any requests for heavy fetish attire. If I don’t have a suitable item in my collection I will advise if I am able to source something similar. Strictly no nudity. 

Can I buy you something to wear?

Potentially. Please send me an email with your idea.

Can I advise you how to position yourself?

Within reason. I will not adopt any distinctly submissive poses nor will I angle the camera to see my body beneath my clothing. 

Can I pick the implements you hold?

Yes. Let me know what terrifies and excites you the most to see a Disciplinarian holding. I possess no whips, floggers or heavy BDSM equipment. 

Can I suggest make-up and hairstyles?

Yes. If you have something specific in mind, mention it to me initially and I will advise if I can achieve this.

Can you spank someone or show a bottom in the photo?

This can never be guaranteed so it is best to avoid requests of this nature.

Can I have the image without your logo / watermark?

No. The logo will not be imposing or ruin the image but it will be present on each photo.

Can I use the image on my social media or as a profile picture?

You must always seek prior permission from me before using the images publicly.

Can you send the pictures to my phone?

I only send the images via email, never to a Whatsapp account or mobile number. 


Who can enrol for the Homework Challenges?

Anyone. You must be able to use one of my preferred payment methods.

How do I enrol?

Read fully through each challenge and these FAQ’s then send me an email with your preferred course level. Once the course fee has been paid, you will receive the course materials via email.

Can you send me an idea of the task before I enrol to be sure I will like it?

No. There is plenty of information here to give you an idea of what will be in store.

Can realtime clients complete the challenges?

Yes. These are a great tool for keeping yourself on track in between session time.

What equipment will I need?

For all of the challenges you will need lined paper and a pen or pencil. You must be able to either scan or photograph your finished work and send it to me via email.

Are there time deadlines for the pieces?

There are no set time deadlines, though your submission date may be reflected in your grades.

Do I have to start with the first challenge?

Not at all. If one of the other challenges appeals more to you, or if you have experience with these types of tasks, you are welcome to enrol on a higher course level.

Do I have to progress through the challenges?

No. You may repeat each level at any time and as many times as you like. Some people prefer to stay on the first level challenge but repeat it regularly for maintenance Discipline. Some chose to progress and work their way through. You could try to achieve an ‘A’ grade for each level and really push yourself for me.

Can I use these challenges alongside Skype Sessions to become a regular Distance Disciplinee?

Yes, of course. If you are unable to visit me in person, this is an excellent way to enjoy a Disciplinary journey with me.

Can the challenges be tailored to my goals?

There are some options to select goal orientated tasks in place already. If you become a regular Distance Disciplinee and complete the challenges often, I can provide a more tailored structure to the tasks.

What happens when I complete and submit a challenge?

Aside from the feeling of satisfaction, there are several added bonuses for each level. The submission will be acknowledged on my Twitter feed (without a name if preferable). Your work will be graded and you will be sent a digital certificate to commemorate your achievement. See here for information on the other bonuses available.

When will I know my grade?

Please allow between 7-10 days for grading certificates, as the work is marked personally by me.

What happens if I cannot complete a challenge?

There are no time deadlines so you are free to complete the challenge in your own time. Your grades may be affected by your submission date however. No refunds will be given if you do not complete a challenge and you will not earn the bonuses available to you until the work is submitted.

How is the work graded?

Each piece of work is marked by me personally according to a strict set of standards. Things to consider are neat handwriting, clear margins, tidy paper, spelling and punctuation, submission dates plus many more.

If I get a low grade, do I still get the bonuses?

Yes. Provided you complete the full challenge you will still earn all of the bonuses available to you. Why not use a Skype Session discount voucher to book in some time to discuss your grade and how to improve?