How do I make initial contact with you?

I prefer all contact to be via email, unless otherwise agreed. I do not publicise my telephone number or accept telephone bookings. I do not accept Direct Messages (DM’s) on Twitter from those I do not already follow. 

For application tips, please click here.


Why hasn’t my email been answered?

I aim to respond to all polite emails within 48 hours of receipt, where possible. Please understand my schedule can get very busy and I prioritise service requests. If it has been seven days or more since you sent your email and the email address used was correct, you may assume that I did not consider the content to be worthy of a reply.


Do you have any clips where I can watch / hear you?

I will be developing my own range of clips in late Spring / Summer 18. Once ready, I will make them available through iWantClips.com and upload details to my Blog.


Can I be your personal sub / domestic servant etc?

No. If you were ever in a position to be offered this kind of privilege, you would not be asking.


Do you offer any other services than realtime sessions?

Yes. There are several ways to connect with me if you are unable to visit in person. Take a look through this page for more information.


How can I support your business?

If you are a fan of my work and would like to show your appreciation by helping my business to grow, there are various ways to get involved. Click here for more information.




Real Time Sessions


Why do you require a deposit?

There are many reasons why this is necessary, not least of which is to ensure me of your intention to attend the planned session. I do not make exceptions to my rule. 25% of each session must be prepaid in order to guarantee the slot. The remaining fee can be prepaid or cash provided on the day of the session.

See here for more information


Where are you located?

I am based in the West Midlands. I don’t publish specifics for obvious reasons. My Location page gives details of the nearest transport links and details on my facilities.

Please do not request additional information on my location without first providing some detail on yourself.


Do you make home visits or travel to a certain area?

I have spent vast amounts of time, money and effort setting up my play spaces for safe, professional sessions. Other than occasional events and tours, I operate solely from my own premises. I do not make home or hotel visits.

If and when I do travel, I will announce it clearly on my blog and Twitter page. I will not respond to one line emails asking if I visit certain areas. 


Do you offer same day sessions?

I only offer this to clients I have sessioned with on more than five occasions, at my discretion. You will be informed if you are able to make same day bookings.


Do you use safe words?

Generally speaking, no. I deal with authentic discipline – there is nothing authentic about being able to stop your own punishment by quoting a single word. I monitor your reactions and administer spankings / canings at levels that you can handle. It ends when I say it ends.


Do you permit bleeding?

A little. I will permit minimal bleeding during session if this is your preference, though it will never amount to blood spatter across walls etc. Your skin will be monitored closely and aftercare adjusted to suit your needs. 


Will you wear a particular item / outfit?

As a grown woman, I prefer to choose my own clothes. I’m sure you can appreciate this. I do enjoy dressing in a feminine manner anyway (as you can see from my Session Gallery) so rarely need encouragement to present myself well. If I feel a scene would be enhanced by certain outfits (i.e. Headmistress) then I will dress appropriately. Any requests that are made are to be polite, non-sexual and with good reason. I reserve the right to refuse, of course.

For many, spanking and sexual desire do not need to be mixed. If you feel my style of dress may divert your attention from the matter at hand, please indicate so upon application. I can and do wear jeans for sessions, as well as other informal attire.


What shall I wear?

I have no specific requirements for your attire, though your clothing should be clean and fresh smelling. No attention-grabbing outfits or soiled workwear. In hotter months, you are not permitted to arrive in a state of undress (i.e. shirt off).

You are welcome to bring outfits for yourself (i.e. school uniform, pyjamas etc) though you must consider my time. Private space to change is available.

Once inside, I am comfortable with CFNM (clothed female, naked male) situations, including during OTK.


What is the age range of people you see?

Generally, I prefer the older generations. I will not session with anyone below the age of 18 for legal reasons. In my experience, those under 30 have not yet developed the correct attitude to win my favour. There is no upper age limit for clients, however you must be fit and well enough to withstand impact play. You must also declare any health conditions to me in advance.


Can I bring my partner / sub etc?

Potentially, dependent upon the nature of the session. I evaluate each request of this nature on its own merit. Please don’t be offended if I request an additional fee, especially if play is expected for both parties.

Note: all session applications are to be made by the person who will be punished. Do not ask me to spank your sub / spouse / partner unless they are willing to speak with me in advance.


Do you do role play and are there any roles you won’t play?

Absolutely. I pride myself on my attention to detail. 

I am fond of age play and have a natural maternal instinct. As with any session, it must be strictly non-sexual in nature. I am not a ‘Mommy’ though, please do not confuse age play / regression with adult baby (AB/DL). You will not be permitted to wear nappies or soil your clothing. You must remember this is about Discipline.

I will never pose as an escort and despise this sexual element to role play. I will not pretend to be your girlfriend or partner, nor will I flirt with you or touch you in a sexual manner. I do not feel comfortable with racial play either.


Can I take pictures of or record you during session for personal use?

You are not permitted to take pictures of me. Should you wish, you may order a Custom Set instead. 

You are welcome to bring equipment to film our session. The set up time is taken from the allocated session time. A surcharge of £50 is payable upon booking. You must sign an agreement to state you will not release, distribute or publish the material.


Do you permit foot / nlyon / shoe worship?

I will allow you to thank me for a session by putting you beneath my feet if this feels natural for you, though it is only ever available at my discretion. Please respect my wishes to keep my sessions non-sexual at all times.




Custom Photo Sets


How do I order a Custom Photo Set?

Please download and complete this form, then send it to MissKendalUK@hotmail.com


When is payment required?

After we have agreed on the nature of the photos (in writing) and before they are sent to you.


What am I able to customise?

Attire: Please check through my current Galleries and Twitter page to see the kinds of clothing I wear. I will not adhere to any requests for heavy fetish attire. If I don’t have a suitable item in my collection I will advise if I am able to source something similar. Strictly no nudity. 

Positioning: I will not adopt any distinctly submissive poses nor will I angle the camera to see my body beneath my clothing. 

Implements: Let me know what terrifies and excites you the most to see a Disciplinarian holding. I possess no whips, floggers or heavy BDSM equipment. 

Make up & Hair: If you have something specific in mind, mention it to me initially and I will advise if I can achieve this.



What are the terms?

All photos will contain my watermark which must not be removed. The logo will not be imposing or ruin the image.

You must not distribute or publish the photos without prior permission, in writing.

The photos will be sent in email formatt only.