Other Services

Skype Sessions


Are you too far or too frightened to visit me in person? Perhaps you would like to book a session but would love to chat face to face first? Have you got a burning question that you’d like to ask me? Do you need someone to oversee your self-spanking or corner time? Or even a verbal dressing down for recent misdemeanours? Do you want to get into the spanking scene and need some guidance from someone who understands?

Book a Skype Session with me today.

Check through my Availability Calendar to find a suitable date or watch my Twitter feed daily to see short notice slot availability, then email me at MissKendalUK@hotmail.com.

Important Notes

  • Pre-booked sessions are advisable. On short notice dates, a minimum of 60 minute notice is required, though longer is appreciated.
  • Short notice slots announced on Twitter and offered on first come, first served basis.
  • Maximum one hour slots available.
  • Payment must be made to reserve the session time (at least 30 minutes prior). See below for preferred payment options.
  • Remember to include brief details of your preferred session type in your initial email.
  • No sexual requests. No requests for nudity on my part.
  • See my FAQ’s for more information.





Homework Challenges


Would you love to write lines or complete homework tasks for me? Perhaps you are a complete novice and want to gain some experience with distance Discipline? Maybe you’ve been writing lines for longer than you can remember and want to try something a little different?

Then enrol for one of my Homework Challenges today.



With three levels to work through, can you achieve Advanced Assignment Writer status or will you forever remain a learner? Each level gets progressively harder and more time consuming but comes with wonderful bonuses upon completion.



There are six different grade certificates from ‘A’-‘F’ as well as the dreaded ‘U’. Will you collect them all?



Learner Line Writer Challenge

Course Fee:                        £30.00

Total writing time:           1-2 hours (plus breaks)

Completion Bonuses:      

– Newly achieved status announced on Twitter (identity protected)

– Digital certificate with grade from me.

– 5% discount voucher for Skype Session (worth up to £5).

The simplest of my available tasks and suitable for all; it’s the best place to start. A fairly straight forward line writing task with an interesting twist. Formatted in a way that allows you to tailor the task to your own goals or complete it multiple times for added brownie points!

Can you achieve an A grade on your first assignment? Enrol today!



Humble Homeworker Challenge

Course Fee:                        £50.00

Total writing time:           5-6 hours (plus breaks)

Completion Bonuses:    

– Newly achieved status announced on Twitter (identity protected)

– Digital certificate with grade from me.

– 10% discount voucher for Skype Session (worth up to £10).


An intermediate task requiring more thought and dedication than the previous. A challenging essay assignment with a difference. It’s easy to create a bespoke program to further your own Disciplinary journey or declare your masochism by completing the most mundane pieces!


Will you be able to sift through the mundane and complete your homework to a high standard? Find out today!



Advanced Assignment Writer Challenge  

Course Fee:                        £80.00

Total writing time:           10+ hours (plus breaks)

Completion Bonuses:    

– Newly achieved status announced on Twitter (identity protected)

– Digital certificate with grade from me.

– 20% discount voucher for Skype Session (worth up to £20).


The nastiest and most time-consuming task by far. Only for the seriously dedicated. Leave aside the lines and move over essays, this task will challenge your devotion in ways you may end up regretting!


Do you dare try this advanced level and dedicate your time to me? See what’s in store for you today!



Important Notes:

  • All homework submissions are via email (work to be scanned or photographed clearly).
  • Full details of tasks are sent upon receipt of course fee. See below for preferred payment options.
  • Work is graded individually according to my standards. Digital certificates will be sent in PDF format.
  • Challenges can be repeated to obtain better grades or work through the alternative options.
  • Skype Session discount vouchers must be redeemed within three months of issue date
  • Read through the FAQ’s for more 







Custom Images


Are you a fan of my photography style? Do you want to become part of the creative process? Wouldn’t you love the chance to customise the outfits and implements in my pictures?

Now you can, by ordering Custom Images directly with me.


Imagine the possibilities! A strict headteacher in a pussy bow blouse holding a tawse. A young aunt wielding the dreaded hairbrush. A conservatively dressed governess with strap in hand. The girl next door catching you peeking and headed your way with a heavy bath brush. This is where you can let your Discipline fetishes and fantasies run wild!

You can customise almost everything; from lip colour to cane thickness, from stocking style to playroom location, from POV angle to shoe type. Why not get your creative cap on and order a set today? Take a look through my current Galleries for inspiration or read the FAQ’s here.


Email MissKendalUK@hotmail.com with your preferences.


Custom Photo Sets: These shots will be taken per our discussions and sent to an email address of your choice. The pictures may also be used on my website and social media platforms so you have the chance to see how popular your choices were.

Exclusive Photo Sets: Would you prefer to have a set of photos exclusive to you? These sets are the ones to choose. Again, the shots will be sent to an email address of your choice though they will not be published on any of my sites. You’ll have a private set of photos that no one else has access to.


Important Notes:

  • Please do not make requests for:
    • Heavy fetish attire – I do not own any.
    • Subs or bottoms to be included as this cannot be guaranteed.
    • Nudity or sexual positions.
  • All images will contain my watermark and must not be reproduced without express permission.
  • Images will be created to order only and never taken during my realtime sessions.
  • Open to UK and overseas customers – you must be able to provide payment through one of my selected methods below. No alternative methods will be accepted at this time.
  • Outdoor location requests may be available, subject to weather conditions.






Preferred Payment Methods

Please request my business bank details on application and complete an online or over the counter transfer.


Please send the correct payment using a UK Amazon Gift Card to MissKendalUK@hotmail.com.