Professional Dominant & Disciplinarian




Welcome to my site. I am Miss Kendal. 


I am a Midlands-based Professional Dominant & Disciplinarian with my own fully equipped, discreet session facilities. 


My distinctive style and genuine passion for my craft is evident in all I do. Why not read on to find out more?

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** Brand new session spaces being created now **


I am developing my new session premises into a multi-use facility with a variety of rooms on offer. Follow my progress here…


Realtime Sessions

With a passion for domestic style CP and BDSM, my session preferences include Spanking,

Domestic Discipline and Corporal Punishment.


Coming Soon




** Sunday Spanking Surgery starts on 2nd September**

**Dublin tour dates available in October**

Sunday Spanking Surgery

Calling all spanking fetishists, CP aficionados, and disciplinary divas...   Welcome to the Sunday Spanking Surgery!   Have you got unanswered questions about spanking? Thoughts about thrashing? Concerns about Corporal Punishment? Then this is the place for...

Content Store

I will be opening a brand new OnlyFans profile and iWantClips store in August!   I had been working away in the background building a Patreon store to share my newly filmed content with my closest fans. The layout of the site, as well as the ability to set...

Girl Next Door Spankings

Last weekend, I spent an afternoon filming with Girl Next Door Productions. It was the third time I have made the journey down to the infamous Bellington Academy, where Miss Elsa Svenson resides as Headmistress. We have previously captured some successful clips...

London Sessions – 23rd July

Capital Corporal Punishment? Sessions available in Central London on Monday 23rd July. Private, fully equipped chambers with school room.     London rates apply. Enquiries & bookings:     Fully booked.   I will...

Doubles Sessions with Mistress Baton

Doubles sessions with world renowned Disciplinarian, Mistress Baton. Join us on 19th & 20th September for sensationally sadistic spanking and corporal punishment.   All levels welcomed and personal limits respected. Booking enquiries to...

“She will terrorise you. She will strip you of your dignity. She will deprive you of your freedom and, when you are defenceless, she will subject you, ruthlessly and with relish, to as much pain as she thinks you can handle – and this will be more than, by then, you want. But…she will do all this with kindness. She will show you a tenderness,  a compassion, an insight and an understanding of your needs, and ultimately a respect for you that surpasses anything that you can offer her in return.



“While there are other ladies out there who are fun to play with, I think you would have to go a long way to meet a parallel with Miss Kendal; for a combination of sensitivity to what will excite her ‘victim’, of skill with her implements, of a wisdom beyond her years shown in the conversation afterwards, and of the fresh beauty of the girl next door!  And above all, of being someone who so clearly enjoys what she does, which is perhaps the most important thing of all!”



“Don’t let her stature fool you, this woman is small but VERY strict, she maybe petite, but she is VERY powerful.”



“Miss Kendal is an artist.”



Many people advertise they can get inside and control your mind, but you are the only person who has ever achieved it, even with having to focus on role play you still had control,  emptying my thoughts to absolute submission. Pure genius.



“Miss Kendal is fiercely intelligent and frighteningly perceptive. It often feels like she is inside my head. I have never cried since childhood. When she first made me cry it was a surreal ‘this can’t be happening’ moment. Now I have cried many times. I have sobbed uncontrollably before she even touched me.”