As years go, 2017 was a fantastic one for me. It started with a bang and just seemed to get better and better as the months went by. Take a look through some of my favourite memories from the past year.


Click on the links throughout to be taken directly to the memory!



January afforded me some time for reflection and I wrote some of my best received blog pieces around this time. Not all of them were upbeat though! Of course, I still made time for bottoms as well as writing.

In February my work became more heavily focused around CP and I added some rather special canes to my collection from ECC.


Two fantastic photoshoots topped off my month. One at The Facility with Fetimages, and one with Miss May at a studio in London.


A fun interview with Andy Cano kicked March off. Watch out for another interview on Andy’s site early this year. This was also the month I made the best decision of my career to date: specialism in spanking and CP. A donated spanking bench spiced up my playroom.


My decision spurred an idea to create my own school room, so plans began in April, roughly when I hit 1000 followers on Twitter. Plans went on hold briefly while I went away on holiday!


On my return in early May, the school room was opened. Inspired by the testimonials of my clients, I created a section of my blog to write my own stories of sessions. My birthday celebrations at the end of the month went very well.

In early June, I worked with Girl Next Door Productions for the first time and filmed my first set of spanking clips. Throughout the month I kept my blog updated and ensured bottoms stayed rosy! At the end of the month I had my second shoot with Miss May, this time at my premises.


In July, I held my first event with Miss Anna Elite. Pain vs Pleasure was a great success. My Twitter followers started seeing glimpses of the pictures I had shot with Miss May, as well as a repetitive strapping gif as a precursor to my new website.

I finally announced the release date for the new site in August, as well as doing more filming with Miss Svenson and the naughty young ladies at Bellington Academy. An upgrade on the old spanking bench brought me much delight later that month.


September was a splendid month. I hit 2.5k followers on Twitter early in the month, just before my Witnessed Walloping Day. The final part of the month saw the launch of my new website, along with another Pain vs Pleasure event.

By October, the site was well under way and I began working with Filmed by Duke on a new clip to be released. In the last week of the month, I made the long trawl up the motorway to Scotland to spank north of the border!


After a fortnight of keeping the clip to myself, I released The Ritual in early November, along with photos from the shoot with Duke. Inspired to toy with more of my own short clips, I released one in celebration of 3.5k followers on Twitter.

With December upon us, it was time for my Ritual day and to launch my Christmas competition! Christmas was fantastic and the New Year saw me in a very thankful mood.


I’m looking forward to seeing what memories are created in 2018!


Make it a good one.


Miss K