About Miss Kendal

Standing at a mere 5’2” and finely-proportioned, it can come as a surprise to those I see that I am capable of delivering the intensity of punishment that I am renowned for. Over 10 years of exploration, practise, and refinement of my skills within BDSM and CP have enabled me to develop my own distinctive style: dominance interwoven with care; ferocity tempered by steely control; uncompromising discipline combined with real understanding.

Now in my early thirties, I have established myself as a leading Dominant and Disciplinarian. I am naturally refined, incredibly expressive and highly educated. My mental sharpness is a key weapon in my armoury, as is my ability to articulate clearly. Word play is something at which I excel – it can be incredibly powerful, creating a passage to the mind and all of the fantasies that lie hidden within.


My speciality lies in domesticated play, where the lines of fantasy and reality are blurred. I thoroughly enjoy what I do and I believe our mutual enjoyment of the time we spend together is what makes sessions with me unforgettable; they are a real and shared endeavour – a journey that we make together. It is my aim to create very real, deeply cerebral experiences for both parties. Many of my sessions can be intensely atmospheric, emotional and full of tears and trepidations. However, I also enjoy a light-hearted approach in some circumstances and conduct therapeutic sessions for those who benefit from this approach.


I pride myself on being a caring Dominant and on being incredibly open and honest in my approach. If you can bring the same, you can expect a journey like no other, in which your deeply-felt needs and desires will be nurtured, explored and turned into the reality you have only ever dreamed of.


And though she be but little, she is fierce.