About Miss Kendal

Standing at a mere 5’2” and finely-proportioned, many people may consider me petite. However, do not be lulled into a false sense of security; behind my eyes lies the fire of a thousand suns. It burns with a passion for my art which has steadily grown in intensity as the years have passed. I possess an enviable combination of beauty and power; elegance and authority. I am the embodiment of dominance, and my petite stature is simply a testament to my abilities as a Professional Dominant & Disciplinarian.

Now in my early thirties, I have used my years-gone-by to educate myself in all manner of articulation and grace. I am naturally refined, incredibly expressive and educated to a high standard. I possess a youthful vibrancy reserved for ladies younger than myself, but I have the maturity and confidence to carry myself with learned eloquence.

I have been exploring the effectiveness BDSM and CP for over ten years, and have subsequently developed my own distinctive style. My speciality lies in domesticated play, where the lines of fantasy and reality are blurred. It is my aim to create very real, deeply cerebral experiences for both parties.

Make no mistakes, I thoroughly enjoy what I do. My approach to my work is calm and calculated and I believe it is just as vital for me to enjoy our time together as much as you. Many of my sessions can be intensely atmospheric, emotional and full of tears and trepidations, however, I also enjoy a light-hearted approach in some circumstances. 

I pride myself on being a caring Dominant and on being incredibly open and honest in my approach. In return, I expect nothing but the same. Without honesty, you will find your fantasies and needs lie unfulfilled. 


And though she be but little, she is fierce.