Mission Statement

As your Disciplinarian, I continuously endeavour to provide you with:


  • Any and all personal information you release to me is kept strictly confidential.
  • My one-to-one sessions are conducted at an unassuming domestic premises. Events and tours will be held at similar venues where possible.
  • No photos or videos are taken without prior permission. Publication of previously-agreed media must also be approved.


  • Each session is tailored to your individual requirements. No two sessions are alike.
  • I respect your preferences and your limits. I create environments which suit your specific scenario.
  • I play to my own unique style and allow you the freedom to do the same.


  • I believe in Safe, Sane and Consensual play (SSC). The well-being of my clients is paramount to me. All sessions are followed with thorough aftercare.
  • I am First Aid trained and have kits readily available if necessary.
  • I provide an emotionally-safe environment for you to share your thoughts, experiences and goals with me.


  • My play-spaces and implements are kept in clean, hygienic conditions at all times.
  • None of my equipment is ever loaned out to others.
  • Fresh towels and hygiene products are available for each session as required.


  • I am university-educated and enjoy a wide range of conversational topics. My intelligence is displayed just as much outside my playroom as it is inside.
  • I am a word play enthusiast. I find it to be one of the most subtle yet most effective methods of power exchange.
  • I explore and deeply enjoy the psychological aspect of play.


  • I have arduous standards when it comes to the way I run my business.
  • As my client, you can be assured of respect, dedication and thoroughness for the entirety of our relationship.
  • All sessions are conducted at a professional level, regardless of intensity or style.


  • I create atmospheres in which we can both achieve a feeling of true release and vindication during sessions.
  • Under my guidance, you will have the opportunity to test and push your own limits.
  • I strive to achieve a genuine sense of absolution for each of us during play.


  • I am proficient in reading the subtle nuances of body language, vocal tone and facial expressions.
  • I intuitively understand your feelings, both physical and emotional.
  • When it comes to CP, I ‘get it’. You’ve probably heard the phrase. I like to play with others who do too.


  • I offer a specialist service giving you the satisfaction of playing with someone who genuinely understands and enjoys Domestic Discipline and Corporal Punishment.
  • All of my efforts are focused on refining my specialist skills rather than attempting to cover all aspects of BDSM.
  • I am someone with whom you can discuss your interests and find the enjoyment genuinely reciprocated.


  • Real confessions, real errors, real punishments. Even during role-play, my sessions are psychologically authentic.
  • I administer genuine discipline with a no-nonsense attitude.
  • From the words I use to the way I decorate my play spaces, I strive for realism and fully immerse myself in play.


  • I conduct myself in a way that commands respect: by offering honesty, openness and professionalism. I believe this should be a two-way street.
  • I will respect your limits and personal boundaries at all times. This extends outside of the playroom.
  • Your physical, emotional, and mental well-being are of my utmost concern throughout our relationship.


  • As a highly creative individual, I am able to design and personalise sessions each time we play.
  • Every session will be carried out with my unconditional enthusiasm. Simply ‘going through the motions’ is not part of my character.
  • I treat all of my role play scenarios with the ferocity required to invoke the sensation of a truly authentic experience.


  • I am calmly confident and self-assured; my authoritative nature is not an act.
  • No messy and angry attacks, unnecessary profanities or colourless shouting will take place during my sessions. I retain absolute control of both myself and the scene.
  • I am eerily comfortable with long silences and can hold your full attention with a simple look.

No Nonsense

  • I don’t beat around the bush when it comes to Discipline – only around the bottom!
  • I administer calculated strokes designed and timed for maximum effect at all-levels of play.
  • I make no empty threats or unfulfilled promises. I am a woman of my word. You will get what’s coming to you.