The headmistress will see you now…

Could this be your day of reckoning?



The ultimate in authentic school disciplinary experiences. Book your place without delay.


Scheduled detention. School report. Heart pounding. Stomach fluttering. Guilty admission.

Scrutinous eyes. Agonising wait. Palms sweating. Bottom bared. Final moments. Cane flexed.


The Ritual

6th December 2017

West Midlands




If you’re even mildly interested in the adult school scene, this is an event you won’t want to miss. With four detention slots available, including the opportunity to bring a fellow pupil for moral support, there is no excuse. Pay the price for your behaviour and get what’s coming to you.


Selections of canes, tawses, plimsolls, rulers and more will instil an exquisite fear deep inside. If you’ve dreamed of paying a visit to the ‘Headmistress from Hell’ under the most terrifying circumstances, look no further.



*Venue Update:

I have decided to hold the event at my premises (featured in clip) rather than in a separate venue. This may deter from the authenticity slightly as my facilities are primarily domestic, though every effort will be made to retain it. Fewer slots are available as a result. 



Detention Times






Solo detention – £90

Duo detention – £170

(Deposit required to secure place)



Please email initially with the following information:

  • Preferred time slot.
  • Brief details of your experience with CP.
  • Known limits and health conditions.
  • Solo or duo session preference.
  • Any queries you may have.



Important Info

  • Forty-five minute appointments highly focused on atmospheric authenticity.
  • These are strict, no nonsense appointments. Punctuality is essential.
  • Uniform is optional. Some smaller items will be available for use on the day.
  • School style punishments are administered without warm up, though intensity can be varied to allow for personal pain tolerances.
  • Punishments will be the decision of the Headmistress. It is essential for you to advise of any personal limitations in advance. Consider both implements and marking. Advise if you have an interest in receiving punishment to the hands as well as the bottom.
  • Duo sessions are for two pupils visiting the Headmistress.  No other top will be present during the scenes. For duo sessions, please aim for the times that are underlined above.
  • A School Prefect will be on hand to show you where to go and assist with essential aftercare, if required. They will not be available to witness punishments.