School Room Sessions 20-24th Nov

School Room Sessions 20-24th Nov

My authentic school room setting is available throughout

Tuesday 20th – Saturday 24th November 

at no additional cost*


Please email all enquiries and bookings to




Click below to check times of availability for your preferred date:

Tuesday 20th 

Wednesday 21st 

Thursday 22nd 

Friday 23rd 

Saturday 24th




* Usually £30 if booked on non-school dates.


Dublin – 8 & 9 October

Dublin – 8 & 9 October

Book now to secure your place across my knee in Dublin


I will be visiting Ireland soon and have time to deal with a few wayward bottoms whilst over there. Book without delay by checking my Online Calendar for availability and emailing me at


  • Central, private domestic apartment with sound proofing
  • Deposit required
  • From 200E per hour





Availability Update

A small change from January 2018:


I will now only be offering sessions on Tuesday-Saturday each week, taking Sunday and Monday as my weekend. Communication will be extremely limited over these days and priority will be given to those who have sessions with me on the surrounding days. This will not affect any pre-booked sessions.


12 Strokes of Christmas – Competition

12 Strokes of Christmas – Competition

Goodness me, what a busy couple of months. It’s been non-stop since the launch of the new site and the addition of new services. I’m thrilled about this, of course. Keep those bottoms coming! As a result, I’ve neglected my blog somewhat, but I plan on rectifying that with an exciting announcement for Christmas (groaners will be spanked). I’m running another competition!




“12 Strokes 

of Christmas”


For each of the 12 days of Christmas, I will be giving away a prize. Take a look at what you could win:



12th prize – Learner Line Writer Challenge


11th prize – Custom photo set (x5)


10th prize – Exclusive photo set (x3)


9th prize – Skype Session – 15 minute audio


8th prize – Skype Session – 30 minute audio


7th prize – Real Time Session – discount voucher


6th prize – Customised mini clip (10-20 seconds)


5th prize – Skype Session – 15 minute video


4th prize – Skype Session – 30 minute video


3rd prize – Skype Session – 45 minute video


2nd prize – Real Time Session – 60 minute

1st prize – Real Time Session – 90 minute





But that’s not all! Everyone who enters will automatically be put on my festive mailing list to receive an exclusive photo and message from me on New Year’s Eve, as well as a little surprise. That’s right, all entries get a treat!



How To Enter:


  • Entry is simple. Each entry costs £30. Maximum of 3 entries per person.
  • Entries to be sent via bank transfer to the account noted below, or using this link for an Amazon UK Gift Voucher
  • Please confirm your entry with an email to with the subject header ‘12 Strokes of Christmas’.
  • Competition closes on 23rd December at midnight.
  • All entries will be noted. One winner will be announced each day between Monday 25th December and Friday 5th January (inc).
  • Prizes are non-transferable and must be used by Saturday 30th June 2018.


Very best of luck

Miss K



To Confirm or Not to Confirm?

To Confirm or Not to Confirm?

The final stage of your session confirmation process is arguably one of the most important, yet it can be so easily overlooked.




For every session you have with me, I require a confirmation text or email before 9.30am on the morning of your session.


No exceptions.

Regardless of how long we have known one another or when we last spoke, you must ensure this confirmation text is sent for every session. Please do not ever assume you are exempt from this rule.

Correct format.

The confirmation must be sent in text or email form. Attempts to call me before 9.30am will be ignored. I am generally busy at that time of the morning and cannot guarantee availability to speak with you on an individual basis.


Timing is everything. Your text must reach me by 9.30am. You may send it earlier in the morning as it will not disturb me. I will confirm receipt of the message shortly after 9.30am.

Why do I need confirmations?

For you:

All kinds of things can happen that may prevent a session from going ahead. Illness, unexpected workloads, family commitments or a severe case of nerves could all present potential issues. Confirming your session to me tells me you are well enough to play and intend to arrive at the arranged time. Receiving a reply text from me also gives you peace of mind that I will be prepared for your arrival.

For me:

A great deal of time and effort goes into organising my schedule, with many of my plans happening behind the scenes. I abhor wasted time and generally always have a back-up plan for session days in case of last minute cancellations. Upon receipt of my session confirmation texts, I proceed with planning my day.

What happens if I don’t receive a confirmation?

I check for my confirmations at 9.30am and not before. If I haven’t heard from you by then I will assume that the session slot is no longer required and you are unable to let me know (due to an emergency or nerves). At that point, I will reorganise my day and switch to my back up plan. My work phone may be put down or turned off while I go about my business, therefore confirmations that are received after 9.30am may not be seen until much later.

Deposits paid for sessions will be lost in these circumstances and become non-transferable. Attempts to rebook sessions with me will be considered on a case by case basis.


What happens if you arrive for your session without having confirmed the slot?

I cannot guarantee any sessions that are left unconfirmed. I do not ready myself for these sessions and may well be away from my premises when you arrive, depending on the nature of my back-up plan. I will accept no responsibility for any distances travelled or monies spent in these cases. A simple (free) confirmation before your journey will assure your slot.

Please understand this rule is not a feeble attempt to control you or be strict for the sake of strictness. I am running a business. Structure and ritual are a necessity for me.