Session Planning Guide


Along with the necessary information you should have provided in your initial application email, you may enjoy playing a part in planning aspects of your sessions. Indeed, we both need to enjoy the time together for it to be a success. Your preferences can play a key part in the construction of a scene.



Things to consider:

  • Are there particular implements you have been craving recently, or would like to taste for the first time?
  • Have you seen a picture or read a paragraph that has inspired you?
  • Do you have something real that you feel you need to confess to?
  • Have you had a stressful month and require something cathartic?
  • Is there a role you would like to try playing, or one you enjoy revisiting?
  • Would you prefer to leave  the scene planning to me (within personal limits)?


Please avoid the following requests:

  • Specific or sexualised outfits.
  • Sexual services or ‘DIY’.
  • Scripted or highly detailed scenes.




On the Day of Your Session


Be Prepared

Ensure you are well rested the night before our session. Remember to eat and keep yourself hydryated prior to attending. Do not consume any alcohol or drugs beforehand. Consider preparing a small ‘session kit’ with bottled water, energy bar, breath mints, any required medication, book or magazine, and any other items you feel would help.

Confirm Your Attendance

I request a text message or email before 9.30am on the morning of your session to confirm your attendance. If this is your first session, I respond with the address for my premises. This confirmation reassures me that you have woken feeling able to play, both mentally and physically. This is applicable for every session with me. No confirmation, no session. See here for more detail.


Practice Good Hygiene

I will be well-presented and smelling fragrant. I’d appreciate being shown the same courtesy in return. Both of my playrooms are clean and tidy. My implements are cleaned after each session and are never loaned to other players.


Be Punctual

Allow yourself plenty of time to travel to me and plan your journey. I consider tardiness to be disrespectful. If you think you will be late for reasons beyond your control, find a way to let me know safely. If you arrive early, there are coffee shops and places to walk locally. Please arrive promptly at your arranged time, and not before. Plan your return trip at a reasonable time if using public transport. I am generous with my time and allow for chats and aftercare but please do not abuse this privilege. I can occasionally change session times with short notice but please respect my time restraints if I say I cannot – do not simply arrive at the time you would prefer and hope for the best.


Formalities First

To avoid embarrassment for either party, please have your tribute (minus any deposit paid) readily available and pre-counted. Monies will need to be exchanged before the session commences. I have a discreet, paperless pre-payment method available should you prefer to avoid cash exchange on the day.


Bring Your Own

Providing we have discussed the prospect in advance, I welcome you to bring implements and items of clothing (for you) to use during our session.  I have adequate space for you to change privately if required, though please consider my time if selecting an outfit to bring.