Making Initial Contact

Only serious and full applications are considered. Please read through the tips below for help with your initial application email.



Please always:

  • Use email as your initial contact method.
  • Use my name and spell it correctly.
  • Include why you have contacted me specifically.
  • Introduce yourself and give some detail on your experience and preferences.
  • Read my FAQs before posing questions.
  • Provide truthful information.
  • Be respectful and polite.
  • Reread your email and check your spelling and grammar before sending.



Please avoid:

  • Sending a copy-and-paste message.
  • Sending a one line email with no information included.
  • Addressing me as ‘Mistress’ or anything other than Miss, Ma’am or Miss Kendal.
  • Writing in role or attempting to initiate play without my consent.
  • Detailing what you expect me to wear.
  • Negotiating on my terms or session fees.
  • Sexualised language or requests.
  • Requesting anything other than the services I offer.



Real Time Session Applications:

Please also include

  • Known hard limits and areas of concern.
  • Any medical or health issues that may affect you during a scene.
  • Scene preferences and ideas you would like to explore (See my Session Planning Guide for more info).
  • Date, time and desired length of first session (minimum one hour).
  • Any other relevant information.



Distance Discipline Applications:

Please also include

  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly task / report preference.
  • Ideas and personal goals you would like to explore.
  • Package style (see my Distance Discipline section for more info).
  • Known hard limits and areas of concern.
  • Proposed start date (please give one week’s notice).
  • Time difference (if applicable).
  • Any other relevant information.



All polite applications will receive a response within 48 hours (except Sun & Mon or unless otherwise stated).






Download, complete and email the following forms to

Line Punishment Application Form


Custom Photo Set Order Form