For those new to this, it can be daunting making the first contact with a Domme or Disciplinarian. Detailed below are a number of tips to guide you in taking this first step. For those who are more experienced, please note that this guideline applies equally to you.




General points


I expect to be addressed as ‘Miss’, ‘Ma’am’, or ‘Miss Kendal’ – do not address me as ‘Mistress’ etc – this only highlights that you have not read my website.


As a general rule, treat this as you would a professional work email:

  • Be polite
  • Check your spelling and grammar
  • Write in full sentences



Please include in your email the following information:

  • Your experience and preferences
  • Known hard limits and areas for concern (triggering words etc)
  • Any medical conditions which may affect your session
  • Details of the type of session you would like to explore (see session planning guide for ideas on this)
  • The reason you wish to session with me
  • The date, duration and time of your ideal session




Further points

If you have questions, please ensure you check the FAQs first. I take a dim view of those contacting me in role – we have not agreed to play at the point of you sending me an email. Additionally, I will not reply to sexualised requests, or those requesting I wear certain outfits.




All polite applications will receive a response as soon as I am available.










Making Initial Contact