I’m treating you all (and myself) to a spanking new website!

I’ve been shouting about it on Twitter for some time, so I thought I would give you all a taste of what’s to come.


What’s New?

An awful lot of work and creative effort has gone into designing something truly special.

  • Branding – Working alongside the seriously talented Miss May, I have completely overhauled my branding. With a classy, professional logo and elegant colour scheme, I hope to create a brand that will become instantly recognisable.
  • Galleries – With one shoot earlier in the year and another this week, I have dozens of beautiful new images ready, including many in my own playrooms. The new galleries will be a visual feast for you all to devour!
  • Content – I’ve been tirelessly writing away in the background to produce some brand new content for my site, with even more insight into my approach and style.
  • Availability Calendar – You’ll now be able to check my availability online without having to wait for an email, thus making my booking process more efficient and giving you the opportunity to plan ahead.
  • Client Login – A little corner of my website will be dedicated to my existing clients. A place to share news, announcements, advance notice of events, offers and a lot more! The password for this area will be given to real time clients who have enjoyed at least five sessions with me.



What’s Not?

Don’t panic! Not everything is changing. I receive many compliments on my current website so I’ve made sure that you will still have access to the work I have already published.

  • Blog – All of my blog articles will be pulled through to the new site, and I will continue to use this to communicate my thoughts and news to you all.
  • Existing Galleries – The main galleries will be filled with professional shots and will be updated less frequently. However, there will still be a gallery where you can view my selfies and session shots to give you an idea of what would be in store for your session.
  • Specialist Services – Nothing changes here – I will continue to offer the niche service that I enjoy. Now my site will suit my services.
  • Testimonials – All of my client testimonials will still be available to read through, but now in a separate area so you don’t have to search through my blog to find them.
  • No membership fees – It’s still all free to view! No hidden galleries, no monthly fees, no payment details required. My website is designed to be informative and insightful rather than costly and difficult to maintain.

No release date has been set yet so you’re going to have to be patient just a while longer. After all, the best things come to those who wait…quietly in the corner, with their hands on their heads!