A very warm (bottomed) welcome to my new website. I hope you all enjoy looking through.


Please read these notes as many of you will notice little changes here and there:

  • The Naughty Corner is an area reserved for regular clients who have enjoyed at least five sessions with me. Those select few will have already been sent the password. If you have recently begun a disciplinary journey with me, then you will have been added to my list and will be sent the password upon completion of your fifth session.
  • The Availability Calendar will allow you to plan your sessions with more ease. It is straightforward to use and will be updated regularly. This is to be your first point of call for my availability and will help clear my inbox therefore giving you quicker response times.
  • There is a whole new section for Other Services. I have been trialling some additional services behind the scenes and have chosen the most successful and enjoyable of them to begin offering to the public. Please browse this section and the FAQ’s for each. These services are open to all, regardless of location.
  • You may note a slight increase to my session fees. This is to bring myself up to a competitive level with industry standards. All sessions that are currently confirmed with me will be honoured at the previous rates. All new sessions will be subject to the current ones.

There is a vast amount of information here already; I have poured my heart and soul into this new site and I truly hope it shows. As with my previous site, I will update this one regularly so it’s important to check back from time to time so you don’t miss opportunities or exciting news.

Thank you all so much for your time, attention and continued support. I am honoured to be celebrating my first Discipliniversary with you.