London Sessions – 23rd July

London Sessions – 23rd July

Capital Corporal Punishment?

Sessions available in Central London on Monday 23rd July.

Private, fully equipped chambers with school room.



London rates apply.

Enquiries & bookings:



Fully booked.


I will be returning to London in October, please follow my blog and Twitter feed for more information.


News for Summer

News for Summer

For those of you who spotted my previous, slightly vague blog post and the subsequent Twitter profile deletion, please disregard it! It has been a period of some confusion for me and a bout of poor mental health knocked my confidence, as well as my enthusiasm. I should have simply said:

“I need a break. I’ll be back soon.”


Time away from social media has given me a new lease of life. I will be returning to the previous Twitter profile (albeit with an updated @ handle) very soon. Over the summer I will only be seeing clients I’m familiar with. New clients may apply for sessions from September onwards. I am still working away in the background on many exciting new projects both on a personal level and for my work.


You may spot several changes over the coming months. Each decision has been taken to ensure my continued happiness and sanity in this career. Boundaries will be reinforced where necessary and action will be taken against any who feel the need to push them. If you are in any way affronted by my decisions, do keep in mind that this is my job. My profession. At a base level, I am a service provider making solo decisions with self preservation as a priority. Personally, I am genuinely excited for the directions I will now be moving in.



For the time being, the best places to keep up with my news are:


My Blog


My Online Calendar


My Twitter Profile


New Premises Updates





Back To School

Back To School

School is back in session this September. After a long summer away, does your bottom need to feel the sting of my cane once more? Find yourself sobbing across my desk, where you belong.





From September 2018, my school room will reopen it’s doors to adult school boys and girls. The authentically styled room will only be available on selected dates throughout the year*. Pre-booking is essential. Check my Online Calendar or Twitter feed regularly for the school timetable.




4th – 8th September 


UK's Miss Kendal's speciality lies in English-style, purposefully-administered CP with an intense focus on the traditional elements of the art



Come back to school with Miss Kendal. 


Bend over for the Headmistress at the start of the new term.




With guest teacher, Domina Liza, on 5th

Could you face two fiery redheads?



Email today to make your appointment.





School Fees


 With Miss Kendal:

30 min @ £80

60 min @ £140

90 min @ £180

120 min @ £240  

With Miss Kendal & Domina Liza:

30 min @ £150

60 min @ £250

90 min @ £350

120 min @ £450  





For lines or homework to bring into class, add £10

For an exclusive, bespoke clip of your session , add £50

For a joint detention with your classmate, add 50%





*Sessions involving school role play can be booked at any time using alternative rooms. For authentic school room set up on non-school days, a £30 surcharge will be added to the session rate. Minimum of three days notice appreciated.



New Contact Information

Due to a change in the T&Cs of my email service provider, I can now be contacted at: 


Please direct all future correspondence to this address.

New Session Spaces Under Development

New Session Spaces Under Development


I am working behind the scenes to create a truly unique set of session rooms. At present I am trialling the new facilities with existing clients, though I will be opening my doors to new clients from September 2018. 

In the meantime, you can follow my progress and whet your appetite with pictures of my rooms. 



Latest Update  

Originally, I had planned three distinct rooms with a kind of ‘theme’ to each. As I’ve progressed throughout my project, the idea has developed slightly. The three rooms will still be utilised, though I hope to make each a little more multi-functional. I have many plans and desires for the future which can be incorporated at this stage to allow for growth. It’s an exciting time for me. 




Domestic Room 

This is the first of my rooms to be finished and is currently receiving bottoms. All domestic sessions will be conducted from this room, as well as it being available for pre & post session chat space. 

It has a beautifully restored (by yours truly) original wooden floor. Painted in muted and relaxing tones, the room provides a neutral space to bring your fantasies to life. 

With a ceiling fan to cool your summer spankings, and central heating to provide a little extra warmth in the winter, you can be sure of a comfortable time here. Actually, that last part may be a lie…! 

Suitable for a range of scenarios, the room can be adapted into a living room, bedroom, classroom and Headmistress’s study, with a range of furniture available to completely change the atmosphere instantly. 




The Office

My second room is complete and forms a working office, as well as a fantastic role play space.

With clean lines and a fresh, modern feel, this room is suitable for a range of scenarios. One look through the drawers will tell you this is no average workplace! 

Wait patiently as your boss goes over your personal file. Visit the doctor for your medicinal spankings. Make your confessions to your ‘alternative’ therapist and get what’s coming to you. 


The School Room / The Chamber

The final room can be utilised as either a school room or the Chamber of Correction (with a more BDSM feel to the space). Further information and photos will be released soon. 


Keep checking back through this post for more updates, and don’t forget to scroll through the gallery below to see photos.

Why not follow my dedicated Twitter account for the Chamber of Correction here?