Back To School

Back To School

School is back in session this September. After a long summer away, does your bottom need to feel the sting of my cane once more? Find yourself sobbing across my desk, where you belong.





From September 2018, my school room will reopen it’s doors to adult school boys and girls. The authentically styled room will only be available on selected dates throughout the year*. Pre-booking is essential. Check my Online Calendar or Twitter feed regularly for the school timetable.




4th – 8th September 


UK's Miss Kendal's speciality lies in English-style, purposefully-administered CP with an intense focus on the traditional elements of the art



Come back to school with Miss Kendal. 


Bend over for the Headmistress at the start of the new term.




With guest teacher, Domina Liza, on 5th

Could you face two fiery redheads?



Email today to make your appointment.





School Fees


 With Miss Kendal:

30 min @ £80

60 min @ £140

90 min @ £180

120 min @ £240  

With Miss Kendal & Domina Liza:

30 min @ £150

60 min @ £250

90 min @ £350

120 min @ £450  





For lines or homework to bring into class, add £10

For an exclusive, bespoke clip of your session , add £50

For a joint detention with your classmate, add 50%





*Sessions involving school role play can be booked at any time using alternative rooms. For authentic school room set up on non-school days, a £30 surcharge will be added to the session rate. Minimum of three days notice appreciated.



New Contact Information

Due to a change in the T&Cs of my email service provider, I can now be contacted at: 


Please direct all future correspondence to this address.

Moving in March

Moving in March

Thank you to everyone who has showed continued patience and understanding during my moving process.


My moving date is now set for next week (w/c 19th March). 


As you will note from my online calendar, I have no availability left at my current premises and have blocked off some time to get my new place set up.

I will begin seeing new clients again from April and will release availability on my calendar asap.

School’s Out

School’s Out

Due to reasons beyond my control, my school room will be unavailable for sessions throughout January.

My main domestic room is adaptable for school sessions.

12 Strokes of Christmas – Winners!

12 Strokes of Christmas – Winners!

Heartfelt thanks to those of you who entered the competition and sincere congratulations to the winners!


12th prize – Learner Line Writer Challenge

Winner: Silverbird


 11th prize – Custom photo set (x5)

Winner: JB Goodboy


10th prize – Exclusive photo set (x3)

Winner: uksrob


9th prize – Skype Session – 15 minute audio

Winner: Bob


8th prize – Skype Session – 30 minute audio

Winner: Ernest


7th prize – Real Time Session – discount voucher

Winner: Ste


6th prize – Customised mini clip (10-20 seconds)

Winner: ES


5th prize – Skype Session – 15 minute video

Winner: Bob


4th prize – Skype Session – 30 minute video

Winner: Sub Steve


3rd prize – Skype Session – 45 minute video

Winner: Lilia


2nd prize – Real Time Session – 60 minute

Winner: Anty


1st prize – Real Time Session – 90 minute

Winner: SB




Thank you again to all who entered. Have a wonderful 2018.