As many of you know, the PAIN vs PLEASURE event went ahead last Friday evening. The event was sold out so we had six wonderfully submissive gentlemen to deal with for the night. 

For anyone who was tempted to join us but didn’t get the opportunity this time, please have a look through some of the comments that were sent in by the gents:

“Thank you for tonight… I will definitely be there (at the next event). I have been to previous events and I feel that today was the best I have been to so far, you two really complement each other and there was a really good balance today.”

“Thank you for an excellent evening last night. As a novice to BDSM I found the evening interesting and enlightening and I would like to thank especially both Mistress for the personnel care they took with me.” 

Some things in life stand out as being truly memorable!  Last night’s Pleasure and Pain Party was one such event.  It was an evening of pure enjoyment sensation and fun from the moment we were asked to line up and prepare ourselves until dismissal with a friendly hug and kiss.

 This was in no small part due to the excellent performance demonstrated by both of you throughout the evening.  You worked comfortably together providing fun, thrills and excitement and occasionally a small spark of electricity!  A dynamic and thrilling event which I hope is the first of many, that is of course as long as I am invited to attend!.  The evening passed all too quickly but that is always the way when one is enjoying oneself.

 Can I thank you for entertaining us so royally and for my sore bottom which will be a reminder throughout the week of fabulous, fantastic Friday the fourteenth. A date that I will always remember.”


“I just wanted to thank you again for last night. I have played many times before but the caning you administered was spectacular. You are a true sadist and you know you are good at what you do. The way you confidently stroll around in your strappy heels with perfectly manicured stockinged feet, (I couldn’t take my eyes off them) swishing your cane. It’s apparent how much you enjoy what you do. Which was a massive turn on for me! I hope I did as well as expected.”

“As a watched last night, I was able to observe the care and dedication that You showed to each of us in turn.  Making sure those of who could take or who deserved harsher treatment received it.  But everyone received a few strong strokes!   It was obvious to all that You were enjoying Yourself.”


We had such a fantastic and successful evening that we have decided to run another event on Friday 29th September.

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