Miss K – Away

Miss K – Away

After a fairly intensive couple of weeks in my personal and family life, I have come to the realisation that my work / life balance needs addressing. To that end, I have two breaks planned for myself over winter:



Nov 25th – 29th (inc) 

Dec 16th – Jan 16th (inc) 



During these times, I will be out of communication. Emails will be responded to upon my return, though please avoid sending messages during my break where possible. Should you wish to book for late January, please do so before Dec 16th.


For those of you who see me regularly, or those who are thinking of applying, please do not be deterred. Even Dommes need to take time away from kink occasionally to reestablish their passion and joy. This year has thrown many obstacles my way and I am taking this time to recharge my batteries.


For anyone who simply cannot wait that long for a spanking, please get in touch and I can recommend some wonderful ladies for you to visit in my absence!


Miss K

Girl Next Door Spankings

Girl Next Door Spankings

Bathtime at Bellington Academy

Last weekend, I spent an afternoon filming with Girl Next Door Productions. It was the third time I have made the journey down to the infamous Bellington Academy, where Miss Elsa Svenson resides as Headmistress. We have previously captured some successful clips together, and the most recent content could be the best yet!


I return to Bellington Academy to cover a Maths revision class. When I find two cheeky madams out of bounds and up to no good, they are both put through their paces. But will they learn their lesson, or will they find themselves in serious trouble with me?


Truly devoted to her work! Miss Svenson films a POV shot.

As ever with Girl Next Door Productions, the filming day was a lot of fun. A relaxed and friendly atmosphere, created by Miss Svenson, encourages everyone to enjoy a lighthearted approach to the scenes.


The hard work has already started long before the models arrive for the shoot. Miss Svenson had a fantastic idea for what she wanted to achieve, and had already made preparations to ensure the best outcome. The scene was loosely set and we all chatted over coffee before readying ourselves for action.




Spanks & Smiles!

The shoot itself was smooth and filled with laughter in between scenes. It’s always a pleasure to work alongside the other models too. The level of professionalism during the shoots is incredibly high. It’s so obvious that all involved truly enjoy what they do for a living, and I feel that comes out on screen as well.


I met Miss Svenson almost a year ago after she contacted me about appearing in some of her films. Her work really appealed to me and despite not being able to make the journey to Kent particularly often, we have made more than 15 films together in the last 12 months.


Cheeky Cameron gets what he deserves!

You can follow my Bellington Academy journey through Miss Svenson’s excellent spanking clip website, WellSmackedSeat.com. And don’t forget to check Ouchhh.net to see the F/m clips we made too.



New Website

New Website

A very warm (bottomed) welcome to my new website. I hope you all enjoy looking through.


Please read these notes as many of you will notice little changes here and there:

  • The Naughty Corner is an area reserved for regular clients who have enjoyed at least five sessions with me. Those select few will have already been sent the password. If you have recently begun a disciplinary journey with me, then you will have been added to my list and will be sent the password upon completion of your fifth session.
  • The Availability Calendar will allow you to plan your sessions with more ease. It is straightforward to use and will be updated regularly. This is to be your first point of call for my availability and will help clear my inbox therefore giving you quicker response times.
  • There is a whole new section for Other Services. I have been trialling some additional services behind the scenes and have chosen the most successful and enjoyable of them to begin offering to the public. Please browse this section and the FAQ’s for each. These services are open to all, regardless of location.
  • You may note a slight increase to my session fees. This is to bring myself up to a competitive level with industry standards. All sessions that are currently confirmed with me will be honoured at the previous rates. All new sessions will be subject to the current ones.

There is a vast amount of information here already; I have poured my heart and soul into this new site and I truly hope it shows. As with my previous site, I will update this one regularly so it’s important to check back from time to time so you don’t miss opportunities or exciting news.

Thank you all so much for your time, attention and continued support. I am honoured to be celebrating my first Discipliniversary with you.


‘Miss’ – A Poem By CP



Thirty-five days of summer
Have so quickly bustled past
As reckoning day arrives
And attendance is confirmed

Cocksure confidence is gone
Slowly evaporated
Defeated by time’s seepage
Accountability hurts

Collected and collated
Ticket, off-peak, day return
Journal, pen, laptop, wallet
Courage, disgrace, excuses

Travel plans, due north-west
Sixty-seven miles by road
And yet further still by train
Prolonging the agony


Just an hour, tick, bloody, tock
Longest, slowest, shuffling mile
Imagined scenarios
And rehearsed conversations

Estate, street, alley, arch, door
Her domain hoves into view
Tension climbs, soars, disables
Leaden feet, and trembling limbs

Don’t be early, don’t be late!
Hands slide over textured black
Fingers caress matt silver
Two carefully measured taps

Breathless anticipation
Heart, restless and galloping
Stomach pit turning, churning
Yearning for her attention


She hears, seconds become hours
Her muted, muffled approach
Metallic, click, slide, rattle
Opening, slow, revealing

Smouldering, tumbling tresses
Scarlet, vermillion, blood-red
Eyes, azure, ice blue, piercing
Frozen captive in their gaze

Calm, control, tea and reflection
My deepest thoughts, fears, laid bare
Confession and contrition
Prelude to the main event

Ascent, familiar room
I wait, time is standing still
She is here, but silence reigns
Nothing else exists, matters


For a while, I belong to her
There is no alternative
Honesty, trust, absolute
Nakedness and submission

Her theatre, arena and stage
Composer and conductor
Orchestra and instruments
For a single spectator

Shuffling, shifting awkwardly
In the spotlight of her glare
Ice, fire, passion overture
The performance has begun

Symphony of ecstasy
High and low notes, tones precise
Phrases pauses, repeated
And breathing to their rhythm


Wave after wave, loud crashes
Silent interludes tumbling
High-intensity building
Striking impact and effect

Percussive final movement
A thrashing wild crescendo
Convulses, sighs, writhes and flies
And ends, satisfied and spent

The palette of an artist
Purple, red, lines and designs
Slowly, lovingly, layered
On the barest white canvas

Comfort, care, gentle release
Milky balm, soft, tender touch
Slow descent from heady heights
To her welcoming embrace.


I hold a little too long
Squeeze her a little too hard
Breathe deep of her fragrant musk
I just want the clock to stop

Cleanest slate, brightest colours
Richest sounds, highest high
Elation beyond compare
Sweetness of absolution