Miss K – Away

Miss K – Away

After a fairly intensive couple of weeks in my personal and family life, I have come to the realisation that my work / life balance needs addressing. To that end, I have two breaks planned for myself over winter:



Nov 25th – 29th (inc) 

Dec 16th – Jan 16th (inc) 



During these times, I will be out of communication. Emails will be responded to upon my return, though please avoid sending messages during my break where possible. Should you wish to book for late January, please do so before Dec 16th.


For those of you who see me regularly, or those who are thinking of applying, please do not be deterred. Even Dommes need to take time away from kink occasionally to reestablish their passion and joy. This year has thrown many obstacles my way and I am taking this time to recharge my batteries.


For anyone who simply cannot wait that long for a spanking, please get in touch and I can recommend some wonderful ladies for you to visit in my absence!


Miss K

Girl Next Door Spankings

Girl Next Door Spankings

Bathtime at Bellington Academy

Last weekend, I spent an afternoon filming with Girl Next Door Productions. It was the third time I have made the journey down to the infamous Bellington Academy, where Miss Elsa Svenson resides as Headmistress. We have previously captured some successful clips together, and the most recent content could be the best yet!


I return to Bellington Academy to cover a Maths revision class. When I find two cheeky madams out of bounds and up to no good, they are both put through their paces. But will they learn their lesson, or will they find themselves in serious trouble with me?


Truly devoted to her work! Miss Svenson films a POV shot.

As ever with Girl Next Door Productions, the filming day was a lot of fun. A relaxed and friendly atmosphere, created by Miss Svenson, encourages everyone to enjoy a lighthearted approach to the scenes.


The hard work has already started long before the models arrive for the shoot. Miss Svenson had a fantastic idea for what she wanted to achieve, and had already made preparations to ensure the best outcome. The scene was loosely set and we all chatted over coffee before readying ourselves for action.




Spanks & Smiles!

The shoot itself was smooth and filled with laughter in between scenes. It’s always a pleasure to work alongside the other models too. The level of professionalism during the shoots is incredibly high. It’s so obvious that all involved truly enjoy what they do for a living, and I feel that comes out on screen as well.


I met Miss Svenson almost a year ago after she contacted me about appearing in some of her films. Her work really appealed to me and despite not being able to make the journey to Kent particularly often, we have made more than 15 films together in the last 12 months.


Cheeky Cameron gets what he deserves!

You can follow my Bellington Academy journey through Miss Svenson’s excellent spanking clip website, WellSmackedSeat.com. And don’t forget to check Ouchhh.net to see the F/m clips we made too.



News for Summer

News for Summer

For those of you who spotted my previous, slightly vague blog post and the subsequent Twitter profile deletion, please disregard it! It has been a period of some confusion for me and a bout of poor mental health knocked my confidence, as well as my enthusiasm. I should have simply said:

“I need a break. I’ll be back soon.”


Time away from social media has given me a new lease of life. I will be returning to the previous Twitter profile (albeit with an updated @ handle) very soon. Over the summer I will only be seeing clients I’m familiar with. New clients may apply for sessions from September onwards. I am still working away in the background on many exciting new projects both on a personal level and for my work.


You may spot several changes over the coming months. Each decision has been taken to ensure my continued happiness and sanity in this career. Boundaries will be reinforced where necessary and action will be taken against any who feel the need to push them. If you are in any way affronted by my decisions, do keep in mind that this is my job. My profession. At a base level, I am a service provider making solo decisions with self preservation as a priority. Personally, I am genuinely excited for the directions I will now be moving in.



For the time being, the best places to keep up with my news are:


My Blog


My Online Calendar


My Twitter Profile


New Premises Updates





February Update

February Update

This news may end up being a little previous, though as it directly affects my sessions I am sharing it with you all now:


I am planning a move!


I had hoped to have more specific details by this point but, as yet, I am very much in the dark about when the move is likely to take place. My new premises (providing all goes according to plan) is not far from the current one, now a ten minute drive from J11 of the M6.

As some of you have spotted, my school room has been out of use throughout January. I have had to utilise the space for other things while preparing the premises for sale. I’m afraid it is unlikely to be restored to it’s full glory in the meantime. I am hoping to create a similarly atmoshperhic space in my new premises but will, of course, keep you updated on the progress once I am there.


As a vague guideline, I believe I could be looking at early March for a move date. More news will follow as soon as I have anything concrete.

For now, all real time sessions will be conducted from my main domestic room. I will continue to open up availability where possible on my online calendar (all blank dates are currently unavailable to book).


For anyone with bookings already in place over the coming weeks, please avoid panic emails confirming the slot. If anything is likely to affect your booking, I will advise individuals asap.


Thank you all for your continued support and patience during this stressful yet exciting new challenge!


Miss K

2017: Highlights From My Year

2017: Highlights From My Year

As years go, 2017 was a fantastic one for me. It started with a bang and just seemed to get better and better as the months went by. Take a look through some of my favourite memories from the past year.


Click on the links throughout to be taken directly to the memory!



January afforded me some time for reflection and I wrote some of my best received blog pieces around this time. Not all of them were upbeat though! Of course, I still made time for bottoms as well as writing.

In February my work became more heavily focused around CP and I added some rather special canes to my collection from ECC.


Two fantastic photoshoots topped off my month. One at The Facility with Fetimages, and one with Miss May at a studio in London.


A fun interview with Andy Cano kicked March off. Watch out for another interview on Andy’s site early this year. This was also the month I made the best decision of my career to date: specialism in spanking and CP. A donated spanking bench spiced up my playroom.


My decision spurred an idea to create my own school room, so plans began in April, roughly when I hit 1000 followers on Twitter. Plans went on hold briefly while I went away on holiday!


On my return in early May, the school room was opened. Inspired by the testimonials of my clients, I created a section of my blog to write my own stories of sessions. My birthday celebrations at the end of the month went very well.

In early June, I worked with Girl Next Door Productions for the first time and filmed my first set of spanking clips. Throughout the month I kept my blog updated and ensured bottoms stayed rosy! At the end of the month I had my second shoot with Miss May, this time at my premises.


In July, I held my first event with Miss Anna Elite. Pain vs Pleasure was a great success. My Twitter followers started seeing glimpses of the pictures I had shot with Miss May, as well as a repetitive strapping gif as a precursor to my new website.

I finally announced the release date for the new site in August, as well as doing more filming with Miss Svenson and the naughty young ladies at Bellington Academy. An upgrade on the old spanking bench brought me much delight later that month.


September was a splendid month. I hit 2.5k followers on Twitter early in the month, just before my Witnessed Walloping Day. The final part of the month saw the launch of my new website, along with another Pain vs Pleasure event.

By October, the site was well under way and I began working with Filmed by Duke on a new clip to be released. In the last week of the month, I made the long trawl up the motorway to Scotland to spank north of the border!


After a fortnight of keeping the clip to myself, I released The Ritual in early November, along with photos from the shoot with Duke. Inspired to toy with more of my own short clips, I released one in celebration of 3.5k followers on Twitter.

With December upon us, it was time for my Ritual day and to launch my Christmas competition! Christmas was fantastic and the New Year saw me in a very thankful mood.


I’m looking forward to seeing what memories are created in 2018!


Make it a good one.


Miss K


Sub Frenzy – Feel the Fever

Sub Frenzy – Feel the Fever

For the purposes of this blog post, I am specifically referring to an onset of frenzy in a CP or spanking fetishist with a female Dominant, though the term also applies in a wider BDSM sense.


What is sub frenzy?

Have you ever seen a child walk into a sweet shop? The look of excitement and desperation on their faces tells you they want to try every sweet in there – and right now! Sub frenzy can be similar to this feeling. It is quite common with subs who are completely new to the exploration of fetish, but can also be experienced by seasoned players too. It can pop up as if from nowhere; a sudden and overwhelming desire to play or experience different things that then develops into frustration.


It may be that you have met a new Domme whose play style closely matches your own desires. In that case, it is understandable to want to experience everything with them, and as soon as humanly possible. CP and spanking can also be highly addictive due to the chemical changes they bring about in the body. It’s natural to want to feel that rush again without delay. However, if you allow frenzy to get the better of you, it could have a dangerous outcome.



When does it happen?

There is no set pattern for the onset of sub frenzy. It can happen to the best of us and we may not recognise it until we have already acted on it. As with any type of addiction, there are often withdrawal symptoms. Sub frenzy can be likened to this.


For newbie subs who have just discovered the wonderful world of CP or spanking, it can be all too real. Known also as ‘candy shop syndrome’, submissives can actually become quite demanding and tiresome as they regularly list new things they want to cram into their next visit to their Domme.


For more experienced players, it can occur almost any time. Maybe you haven’t played for some time and suddenly you notice that familiar itch blowing out of proportion. Maybe you’ve recently played with someone new and find yourself desperate to return as soon as possible. Maybe you’ve just finished an incredible session and you’re already fantasising about the details of your next.



Is it a problem?

In short: yes, it can be. There are several ways it could affect you and those around you.


Being in this frenzied state, even momentarily, can lead to bad decision making. As your mind focuses in on your absolute need to play, you may develop a kind of tunnel vision and see only yourself and your desires. It is easy to forget that there are safety aspects to consider and that any actions you take in these moments will have reactions or consequences.


For the Dominant: as mentioned, sub frenzy can be tiresome to deal with. Having to deal with endless requests and ever-changing ideas is challenging. The added pressure on the Dominant could put them off playing altogether. Most Dommes I know don’t like to rush or be rushed. If a submissive begins to pester them for play too regularly or is constantly trying to guide their play to include all the aspects they have been fantasising about, there is a strong possibility the Domme will no longer wish to play with this person. Dommes like control.


For the submissive: it can leave you in an incredibly vulnerable position. Your ability to think logically and rationally wains and a self-centred nature can manifest. You may do or say things that you regret. You may push for extra attention and reassurance. You may play with someone dangerous simply because you would rather play than not at all. You may play before your skin has had chance to fully heal from the last session. You could be harmed, emotionally or physically, and risk falling into a pit of despair when you realise you feel ashamed of your behaviour and begin the spiral of self-hatred.


For the professional: dealing with sub frenzy as a professional can be very difficult. The Domme could have quite a large number of submissives who visit regularly and, at any time, one of them could succumb to the frenzy. They could be fighting for any form of attention, sending excessive emails with extra thoughts for an already prepared session, or otherwise pushing themselves onto the Domme in an attempt to be seen as the most loyal or the number one sub. It is important to remember that, if your Dominant is a professional, any play they indulge in (including online) is their work.



What can I do if I feel frenzied?

Recognising the signs is tough but it can be done. If you feel yourself getting over excited about play or your D/s relationship, you may notice a strong desire within to connect with your Dominant in any capacity. Work out what it is you are hoping to get from them. Are you trying to initiate play too soon? Are you trying to suggest yet more things to include in your planned session? Are you merely hoping they will acknowledge you and validate your feelings?


If you can catch it in advance, you can prevent it from having adverse effects. Try some of the following tactics to avoid your frenzy getting out of control:


Fetish Immersion

If you have no way of playing in the short term, you can surround yourself with fetish in other ways. Browse the internet for articles and blogs relating to your fetish or to frenzy. Read up about your particular interest and see if there is any new information you can gain access to. Watch online videos if you think they could sate your needs in the meantime. If you have a session booked, read over the arrangements you’ve made to reassure you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Engage in social media interaction with others who have similar interests. Write down your desires somewhere private so you can determine later if they need acting upon with any urgency.


Fetish Avoidance

For some, it may prove too difficult to read and watch fetish content while they are feeling this way. Indeed, it has the potential to make the frenzied state worse. Compartmentalising your D/s relationship could be exactly the right path to take here. It is all too easy to get caught up in the fetish world and lose perspective on real life. Sometimes we need to put our D/s life into a box and move it to one side in our heads so we can address it later. Come away from the temptation of the internet and do something vanilla to take your mind away from fet until you know you have the opportunity to indulge. Exercise for an adrenaline boost. Do something that makes you feel happy to release endorphins.


Seek Support

There is so much material written on the topic of sub frenzy, as well as thousands of submissives out there who have experienced it before. Find a way of understanding your feelings and perhaps connect with others through social media or message boards. You may find helpful tips and advice in the most unlikely places. It is a good idea to form a small support group with other submissives so you can call on them in your time of need, and vice versa. Understand that you are not alone and the feelings are not uncommon. If you feel you can do so respectfully, contact your Dominant and explain how you feel. They should be able to point you in the direction of some real help. If your Dominant is professional (and even if not, in some cases), be mindful that they may have other subs to tend to as well. Allow them time to respond to you in full rather than pushing for an answer. It is wise to get to the point briefly and without resorting to a bratty attitude or sounding ungrateful for any attention they have shown you thus far. Keep your communication low key and private. Don’t risk antagonising them by reaching out publicly via social media, etc.


Don’t Panic

Not everyone recognises their frenzy before they’ve acted. If you think you have done something potentially harmful, then seek help from friends, your submissive support group, your Dominant or from health professionals if it has gone that far. There is usually a straightforward way to rectify situations. Allow yourself some thinking time so you can decide on the best course of action. Most importantly, try not to rush into any decisions when in this state. Always remember:





Sub frenzy is not to be confused with sub drop. I will be releasing another post at a later date about how to recognise and deal with sub drop.


Please feel free to comment below.