How do I contact you?

Please email me in the first instance. All enquiries are to be polite and to the point. Please include all relevant information for session applications in the first communication (date, time, duration, interests, limits). Response times may vary according to my schedule though I aim to reply within 48 hours of receipt. 

Aside from session confirmations, I do not indulge in any texting or Twitter DM’s.


Where are you located?

I am based in the West Midlands. I don’t publish specifics for obvious reasons. My Location page gives details of the nearest transport links and details on my facilities. Please do not request additional information on my location without first providing some details about yourself.


Do you session anywhere else?

Occassionally, I will offer sessions in other parts of the country. These will be clearly announced on my Blog and Twitter page. Please do not add to my workload by sending emails to ask when I will be coming to a location closer to you.

Please note that my rate will vary depending on the location and options available to me.


Are your payment and deposit terms set?

Yes. My rules apply to all, there are no exceptions. Please do not ask me to accept other forms of payment or to forego the deposit stage for you. If you cannot follow basic orders at this stage, it doesn’t bode well for the future.


Do you have an age limit?

Generally, I prefer the older generations. I will not session with anyone below the age of 18 for legal reasons. In my experience, those under 30 have not yet developed the correct attitude to win my favour. There is no upper age limit for clients, however you must be fit and well enough to withstand impact play. You must also declare any health conditions to me in advance.


Can I take pictures of or record you during session for personal use?

You are not permitted to take pictures of me or bring filming equipment. For an additional charge, I will film and edit a clip of our session. Advance notice is required.