I had the pleasure and privilege of being granted a session with Miss Kendal in October 2017. I have been sessioning for over 5 years and Miss K had my attention. I applied, followed the clear, sensible and straightforward instructions on the website and everything was ready.


This would have been the furthest I have travelled for a session, but there were good reasons why I wanted to.


On the day I was both excited and nervous, in equal amounts.  In the most positive way, I had good reason to be.


I arrived at the appointed time.  Miss K was very welcoming and immediately put me at ease.  We chatted over a coffee and then it was time.


I went upstairs with Miss to meet my fate.  We had discussed the scene beforehand, and I had some particular desires for the scene.  These were both particularly explicit and some triggers.


Miss K delivered them all; she met and exceeded all my desires.


I was spanked, embarrassed and soundly beaten.


We all have limits, and sometimes it is the role of the Domme to test these.  Miss K did this with me, and for all it terrified me, she took me to places with the cane I thought I would and could never go.


Miss K can be very scary in session, but understanding.  She nurtured me, but soundly punished me.  I received what I deserved.


I can not recommend Miss K highly enough, and I look forward to my next visit in the near future.