Testimonial by Sarah

I first visited Miss Kendal a couple of years ago now..

From our very first meeting it has been an awesome journey. Emotional as well as fun.

Miss Kendal has given me self confidence and taught me to believe in myself. Not only is she a Disciplinarian she is also a polite well respected lady in the D/s scene..

Yes it has been difficult for me at times, but with Miss Kendal’s ability & patience to get the best from me, it is working. I’ll admit there is still along way to go on this never ending journey but it is a fantastic experience.

On occasion I have had to be reminded of my position and have received some harsh punishments.

Recently I received a collar from Miss, something I have always wanted but never brave enough to ask.

I am so proud that I did ask as I am now collared to Miss Kendal.

It is a great honour to be associated &  collared to such a dedicated, caring lady.

You are a gem Miss K..

Testimonial by SB

I first met Miss Kendal in the early autumn of 2016, when i was a wide eyed and inexperienced 56 year old adult schoolboy fixated about not being labelled a submissive or masochist. I was dipping my toe into the world of CP, and the fiery red haired, ice cold blue eyed Miss Kendal had beckoned me from the screen of my laptop.

Over a period of just over two years Miss Kendal took this wide eyed and inexperienced adult schoolboy on the most incredible journey imaginable and moulded and tutored me into a masochistic submissive who loves nothing more than to be secured naked to a spanking bench and severely beaten with a range of implements, and to show my gratitude at Miss Kendals feet. This now 58 year old submissive was as far away from the adult schoolboy as could be imagined, but this journey had also roused within me an interest in other BDSM activities, which through sheer stupidity and shame i was afraid to bring to Miss Kendals attention.

Instead i let my inner most thoughts fester and these interests grew into fantasies, and the more intense they became the more fearful i became of sharing them. Miss Kendal had not encouraged or deserved these disrespectful thoughts, and in the end i took steps to live out these desires outside of Miss Kendals guidance, and in such a deceitful way as to hurt and offend all those involved. This period of my journey became the most unhappy and i was fearful i had lost everything i had held dear, but after some period of contemplation Miss Kendal decided to give me a second chance.

This second chance began with a well deserved judicial caning, a caning so severe and so painful i was unable to commence the next phase of my journey under Miss Kendals tutelage for almost 2 months. I was on the spanking bench and each stroke of the cane was delivered with force and the pain was unbearable and even as a masochist i desperately wanted it to stop, but i knew i must continue or lose Miss Kendal forever.

My first steps from CP into BDSM began in March 2019. I am always nervous when I attend an appointment with Miss Kendal, a mix of fear and thrill which has always been a massive draw to me, but this time i was simply terrified, i had no idea what to expect, i was scared at the prospect of what was about to happen to me, and also the fear that it would not live up to my fantasies and that all the hurt and damage i had caused getting here would have been for nothing.

My fears were unfounded, Miss Kendal made that first four hour session one of the most incredible experiences ever, i was treated to a variety of BDSM activities which were degrading and humiliating, painful and sensual, scary and thrilling. I was abused mentally and physically, and subjected to things i had only ever dreamed of, but i was filled with joy and happiness that Miss Kendal smiled and laughed throughout at my predicament.

Miss Kendal is an amazing Domme, and i strive to be a worthy sub, it is an honour and a privilege to kneel before her and show my devotion to her. I know i am the luckiest sub in the world, to serve Miss Kendal and have been given a second chance to do so, i very nearly lost so much! The second phase of my journey has begun and i cannot wait for it to continue!

Thank you Miss Kendal!

Testimonial by TT

I only explore my schoolroom kink on a very occasional basis, and this was my first session for two years. When I do indulge, I take great care to ensure that I place myself in the hands of only the very best and most well-established specialists in this kind of play. This really was a truly fabulous experience to add to the half-dozen sessions I have had with other ladies previously, and never before have I had quite such a feeling that no mercy would be shown – I was going to get exactly what I had coming to me, and what I had asked for – and nothing less. It was brilliant.

Miss Kendal was the very epitome of the beautiful, ultra-strict, disciplinarian headmistress dealing with her head boy’s shortcomings in an icy and uncompromising manner. Having requested that the session begin with a cold caning, I was reminded from the very first stroke of the old adage about being careful what you wish for! I was absolutely gasping!

I had asked her to push me, and she certainly did; every cane stroke I received in the session – 36 in total, I think – was laid on hard – for me, at any rate. So there I was, bent over Miss Kendal’s desk, being utterly thrashed as I had requested, and without any sense whatsoever that she was in any mood to go easy on me even when I was starting to hope she would. All of which, of course, is exactly as it should have been within the role-play, and I thank Miss Kendal for her skill and judgement – leaving me in a perfect balance of desperately wanting it to end and desperately wanting it to continue! A day later, my bottom was a very impressive hue of deep purple..

In summary….the whole experience was absolutely incredible, and Miss Kendal’s hospitality and approachability out of session was the icing on the cake, and really enhanced the whole experience. Thank you so much!

Testimonial by ES

Last week, I visited Miss Kendal for the first time as part of the Back to School week.  I have visited many disciplinarians over the last ten or so years and everyone (in their own way) has been an enjoyable experience.  So why has this visit made me put my thoughts down in this format for the first time?  What made this experience so different and thought provoking to all my previous visits to a Headmistress or Headmaster?

I first picked up on Miss Kendal’s website by accident about 18 months ago.  I participated in a couple of her competitions and was lucky enough to win a prize in the Christmas competition.  I was considering making my first appointment to her study at the start of the year, but then read that her schoolroom was out of action, and later that she was moving – plans postponed.

By now, you will have picked up that school discipline is what I particularly enjoy, and having read Miss Kendal’s website, one of the attractions was her focus on discipline either in the school scenario or domestic context.  I had to be patient and wait for the schoolroom to materialise.   I picked up on the Back to School event quite late, but had the good fortune to find a timeslot available that worked for me.  So far, so good, but nothing that I hadn’t done before.

In the run up to the appointment, I set out some of the things I liked and what sort of scenario I was after. I had chosen the written punishment option, and was given my punishments in good time for me to complete.  I read and reread the session planning guide and instructions, tried (and failed) to get a good night’s sleep beforehand, drank a good amount of water during the day and left in time to make the agreed start time (but only just beat the rush hour traffic).  It was quite a strange day at work, my nerves were on edge. I was a little bit worried that I would not be able to complete the session.

I knocked on the door to Miss Kendal’s premises at the allocated time and was welcomed in and this is when I realised that this session would be different from all the rest. This was going to be special.

Looking back now (and it’s taken me a few days of reflection to even get close to rationalising what was different this time), it’s lots of little things that when added together made this such an enjoyable session, but the key element is Miss Kendal’s insightfulness and ability to pick up on what I wanted out of the session and deliver something that had all of the elements that I needed.  The ten minutes that we spent at the start getting us both properly prepared for the session; asking a few key questions and understanding my replies probably better than I was able to express them. The tone of voice used throughout the session, the silences, the mixture of physical and non-physical punishments, the way my written punishment assignments were scrutinised (I can still remember how my heart sank when the desk drawer opened, the red pen came out and was used to circle one of my sentences. The effort that has gone in to the schoolroom (and the other rooms in the premises).

It was over so quickly, but was so enjoyable.  Was it the perfect session?  Well that would be too much to ask from anyone for the first session and I am always one for thinking what would I do differently? What would I want to try next time?  But the key point is that I have every confidence that if I am able to articulate what I want to Miss Kendal, she will be able to create a session that is close to perfection. We are all different, so maybe this will be unique to me, but I hope to have the privilege of another visit to Miss Kendal’s study sometime soon.

What advice would I give others?  Read the website and session guide thoroughly, be open and honest about what you want and trust and respect Miss Kendal’s judgement.


Testimonial by RD

I met Miss Kendal for the first time in London in July. For some time, I’ve had a keen curiosity to meet with her as she shares a very strong resemblance to a teacher I knew at my secondary school in 1977.


The Miss Kendal of 1977 had truthfully, but mistakenly identified me to the then headmaster as the culprit that severely vandalised a classroom. My father received a bill for the damage with a letter requesting consent to extensively cane me on the bare bottom at the forthcoming school assembly. Fortunately, my father knew it wasn’t in my character to commit vandalism and it was realised there was an identity mix up. For me, I had to be patient and receive my long desired CP from Miss Kendal as I’d asked of her this July in London!


On meeting Miss Kendal for the first time in London, I realised how closely she resembled my teacher of 1977. As well as the physical and temperamental resemblance, I felt a serenity and calm exuding from Miss Kendal that told me she could contain and support me with this long held endeavour.


At the premises with Miss Kendal, after a brief chat out of role play I was summoned to wait outside her study until she told me to enter. On entering, she looked directly into me with her piercing knowing eyes. Impertinently, I also looked right back into her eyes and held my gaze. She told me of the damage that had been done to the classroom and inquired if I knew anything about it. Naturally, I said no. Miss Kendal told me she had ways to ‘persuade’ me to divulge information. She told me to disrobe telling me to put myself across her lap. Unwisely, I undressed to my pants and she gave me a steely look saying ‘remove them’. By this time, I was enjoying the role and telling Miss Kendal she had made a mistake and she was punishing the wrong boy. Miss Kendal sure can deliver a hefty hand spanking that had me flinching! On finishing the spanking, she told me to stand in the corner facing the wall with my hands on my head to reflect on our next conversation. Miss Kendal left the room for a few minutes.


On her return, Miss Kendal told me to turn round and take my hands off my head. Again, she asked what I knew about the classroom damage. Again, I said I knew nothing. She looked at me in a disappointing way telling me to go to the school desk and bend over it. For a minute or so, she let me reflect on what was coming whilst she chose a paddle. She gave me 12 hard slow blows whilst I counted and thanked her for each one followed by a further swift 12 blows. Whilst still gripping the desk, Miss Kendal selected another paddle delivering a further even harder 12 slow blows and a flurry of another 12!! The slipper also followed in the same stinging order! Miss Kendal told me to stand up and turn round to face her reminding me not to rub my bottom. Again, she asked me what did I know. I said, ‘nothing, Miss’. I said too that, ‘you’ve got the wrong boy. I’m going to tell my dad and he’ll sue you and the school. I’ve got human rights’. Miss Kendal simply replied, ‘I’m going to thrash you’.


When I’m enjoying a session, I like to resist and antagonise. I knew in this moment that I’d met my nemesis in Miss Kendal. She told me curtly to follow her into the punishment room. By the door was a punishment bench, she allowed me to drink some water and gestured with her eyes for me to mount it. For me, this moment was the epoch of what I’d desired in 1977 when I saw the other boy receiving a hard caning on his bare bottom at the school assembly with 200 boys looking on. I willingly mounted the bench visualising that scene from 1977. Miss Kendal slowly and carefully bound my wrists, thighs, calves and my torso with the 5 restraint straps to the leather bench. It was sinking in how naked I felt especially with my bottom protruding and awaiting for Miss Kendal to do her worse (or best) to it. In front of me was a mirror so I could enjoy this delicious anticipation. Miss Kendal put a cane in front of me on the floor telling me I was going to get better acquainted with it. She went back to her study for a few minutes and returned to collect the cane. She said it was a junior dragon cane reminding me ‘I’m going to thrash you and it’s only going to get worse for you’. She walked behind me. I heard the swish of the cane cutting the air. There was a tap, tap on my bottom followed by 12 slow but hard blows whereby I counted and thanked Miss Kendal together with a further 12 speedy wincing blows that had me straining against the straps! Miss Kendal asked again what did I know about the classroom damage. I admitted to damaging the classroom. I’d said as I’d now admitted to the damage I asked if I could be released from the punishment. I said I must be taking after my dad as he works for a demolition company. Oh dear. What a mistake. Now I’d really antagonised Miss Kendal. She firmly told me that ‘lying is not acceptable’ and I’m to be thrashed for the vandalism and lying too. She allowed me to drink some water, then placed a length of bound twigs on the floor in front of me. It was the birch!! Now I remember saying in my email role play I’d like to try it. She left the room for a few minutes allowing me to savour what was to come.


On her return, Miss Kendal collected the birch holding it in front of my face telling me that I thoroughly deserved this punishment. By now, my bottom was cooling from the last onslaught. She stepped behind me and tap tapped the birch against my anticipating bottom. I could see her swinging it in that mirror. By the time, Miss Kendal had finished there wasn’t a single patch on my bottom that hadn’t been thrashed! It was ecstasy and agony watching Miss Kendal swish that birch onto my bottom. I’d waited for over 40 years for this and I was loving it. By now, I’d gone beyond sub space and was in orbit. Tantalising, agonising and yet ecstatic. My bottom felt red hot, but somehow immune to the blows it was taking too.


Miss Kendal reminded me again of the seriousness of the vandalism, impertinence and lying. She told me that she wasn’t going to stop the punishment until she heard true remorse and atonement for my transgressions. I attempted a pathetic attempt saying I was sorry, but I’d also desired this extensive thrashing for over 40 years. I wasn’t in a real hurry to atone just yet. Miss Kendal laid on a further 24 slow and fast strokes each from the strap and the senior dragon cane. The last 5 strokes of the dragon cane brought me to a place where I felt it was time to be remorseful. Miss Kendal gave me some water asking me to speak. I said I was sorry for causing the damage, being cheeky and lying to her. I’d offered to pay for the damage with pocket money instalments! Miss Kendal said I was displaying a better attitude, but should I fail her again I’d be right back on that bench again!


As a final instalment of the punishment, Miss Kendal fetched the reformatory cane again placing it on the floor in front of me. It seemed as thick as a broom handle! By now, I was still in orbit and can’t remember if I took slow and fast blows from that cane. I’m sure I took another 24 blows. Each stroke felt like a combination of all the strokes I’d received in the session. Each stroke seemed to have me straining against the straps of the bench. I cried out in pain at times, but I’d truly atoned for my transgressions.


After the 24th stroke, Miss Kendal untied the straps and slowly and carefully tended and helped me to my feet and orientate myself back to 2018! My bottom felt like it was lined with corrugated horizontal lines and welts, but what a glorious tantalising reminder of what I desired in 1977 and finally received in 2018!


I also see a regular Domme, but Miss Kendal is sublime in her art, demeanour and her skills in comparison. Miss Kendal projects a serenity and peace that supported me through this cathartic time. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and have definitely atoned for my transgressions. I’ll happily lie across that bench when you’re ready to see me Miss Kendal!

Testimonial by Anty

I love spanking. I really do. It took me a long time to say it out loud. For many years I considered myself a freak: why couldn’t I be “normal”? What was wrong with me? I think many of us spankos went through this stage. The good thing is that it will eventually come to an end and you will accept yourself for who you are.

Since I succeeded in overcoming my personal shame issues, I got plenty of spankings, and trust me when I say that I loved every single one of them! Of course, some sessions are better than others, and only few could truly give me everlasting wonderful memories, manly thanks to the people I had the honor to play with.


Even if I only had two sessions with Miss Kendal, I can say that they’re on my list of absolute favorite ones.

How did it start? Well, people who already sessioned with Miss Kendal were telling me how amazing she was and how strict her sessions could be, that I had to book a session, that I had to meet her. I was becoming more and more curious!! When I won a free session in her Christmas competition, I felt like it was meant to happen. I have always loved to challenge any kind of authority, and I immeditely thought that I could have possibly found a great, if not the best “opponent”. I had to see, hear and feel deep inside what it was like to be in front of such Disciplinarian. I wanted to test the famous “look”. Personally, I’m not a remissive bottom: I have to talk back, I have to verbally challenge who’s in front of me. Why? Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe because I like to push buttons and see how people react, especially if they are Tops, or maybe because I can’t go down without arguing! I read or heard many stories of people giving up control and accept what it’s coming. I can’t do it. Or, at least, I thought I couldn’t, because there has always been a voice in my head that, every single time, yells: “Fight, fight, fight!”.

Miss Kendal was kind enough to accept this part of me but, at the same time, she wasn’t giving me any chance to be in control. Since the first moment our session started, it didn’t matter how much I talked back or challenged her in every way I could, she was the Disciplinarian, she was in charge and I had to accept it. Period.


She totally did take control!! I thought it couldn’t be possible, not with my Italian stubborness so deep-rooted in my mind, soul, skin and bones. And yet, it happened. Not because she left marks on every inch of my bottom, even if she totally did, with different implements and great skill, but also because she’s extremely intelligent and attentive to your needs and personality.

I don’t know how, but she very soon understood how impatient and stubborn I can be and she knew how to deal with me.


This is how: she made me wait. Such a simple action and yet so powerful. I was there, bent over, waiting for her to do something and she was simply standing behind me, in silence. I don’t want to wait, I don’t like to wait! Quoting a Queen song “I want it all, and I want it now!”.

“Why isn’t she doing something? Why doesn’t she talk? For how long do I have to be in this position? What if I move? What if I stand up? Should I? What the heck is going on?” All these questions and many more crossed my mind, I started to become more impatient, it made me fidgetig more and more at the point I was almost shacking.

She knew. Oh, of course she knew, so she kept me waiting. When I turned my head to see what she was waiting for, she simply stared back at me and her eyes basically said: “I know what you want and you’re not going to get it until I decide so”. Not a word, not a single stroke was delivered on my bottom for I sincerely don’t know how long, and she had won. Checkmate.


By the way, people were totally right about the “look”. When Miss Kendal stares at you in complete silence, it’s really something else! At the end, you just look down at your feet or look around, wondering if you can hide somewhere!! It’s impressive! It doesn’t just instill a good amount of awe: somehow, looking at those blue eyes, you feel safe and, most of all, understood. You will never see in her eyes a trace of judgement for your fantasies, or for the way you are, look or dress. She really “gets it” and you can see that she loves what she does as much as you do, possibly even more. When she looks at you, all your fears, the nervousness, the little part of you still ashamed of your kink, they simply disappear, all in once! There are not really words to express how it makes you feel. I think that the Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi, in one of his poems, found the perfect ones:  “E il naufragar m’è dolce in questo mare” (and foundering is sweet in such a sea). Yeah, that’s how it feels like.

If you are wondering about her skills, I can honestly say that Miss Kendal is totally AMAZING! It doesn’t matter which implement she uses, her accuracy is outstanding: she knows what she’s doing, I promise you! When she’s in character, she’s simply extraordinary and this makes easier to live your fantasies and enjoy them to the fullest.

What else can I say, except for a huge and grateful thank you?

Thank you, Miss Kendal, for the fun, for the understanding and for my sore bottom! I’m so glad I had the chance to session with you. I just hope to be able to do it again in the future.


For the people who are now reading this and haven’t yet booked a session, what are you waiting for? Do it!! I guarantee you that you won’t regret it.