It is with a heavy heart that I announce, as of January 2020, I will no longer be offering real time sessions to the public.

Over the last three years I have had the honour of meeting and beating some wonderful bottoms, and the memories I have created will remain with me. My personal life circumstances have changed beyond recognition during 2019 and I am about to embark on a new, exciting journey.

To that end, I will be accepting applications for 60 or 90 minute sessions until the end of the year. If you have been craving my cane, now is the time to bend over!

Do not fear, I’ll not be leaving the Femdom scene entirely. My work with Fetish SINema will continue and you will still be able to watch me, in full glory, dolling out deserving discipline to the deserving.

A warm and sincere thank you to everyone I have worked with, both clients and colleagues.

Let’s thrash our way to the end of the year!