As many of you have spotted, today marks the first anniversary of my disciplinary career. Exactly one year ago today, I met and sessioned with my first professional client. I’m proud to say that the same gentleman is still attending regular sessions with me and, together, we have embarked on a fantastic journey of our own.

Why not read through his words below and decide for yourself if you too would benefit from such an experience?


“It is now a year since I first met Miss Kendal, and what a year it has been, a year in which I have matured from a teenage boy (in my mind) to Miss Kendal’s 57-year-old sub.


I had seen Miss Kendal’s profile on a spanking website and had been intrigued by her approach which was quite different to the corny or extreme ones. Instead her profile was littered with, ‘And though she be but little she is fierce’ ‘know what you desire before contacting me’ it had said and that intrigue had continued through my early communication with her, even down to the method for accessing her contact details. Then before I really realised what I had done I had booked my first appointment.


I remember distinctly that first meeting, sat outside a pub in the early autumn sunshine, me explaining (waffling really) about my desire to recreate my youth. I was a complete novice and was watching Miss Kendal, an experienced professional Disciplinarian I thought (not knowing I was one of her first professional clients), waiting for her to lead me to the pre-booked hotel room and deal with her naughty nephew. A pre-planned scenario. In that budget hotel bedroom Miss Kendal, almost immediately, created an electric atmosphere. I was terrified and excited at the same time but more importantly I was hooked. The session was only for one hour, but as I walked out of the door with my first of many sore bottoms I was already planning the next session.


I have since played with Miss Kendal on 12 further occasions in her private play room, initially following the Stern Aunt/naughty nephew role play. With each of these meetings my confidence grew and Miss Kendal introduced new and exciting techniques which completely enthralled me. My naughty nephew was growing with my confidence, but that journey was about to change completely just before December last year when, in a particularly intense session, I was transported from bent over Aunty’s chair to the most incredible place in the world, and it was in my own mind. That very first intriguing profile on the internet had said Miss Kendal only needed ‘her body and my mind’, and as my confidence had grown and my nerves fallen away I had given up my body and mind and now was experiencing subspace for the very first time, and it was the most incredible place I have ever been. It was Wembley and Twickenham and Disney Land and the Empire State Building all rolled into one and more!


From this point onwards my journey into submission has raced forward like a roller coaster. Miss Kendal has, expertly and with care and consideration, steered me through emotions and experiences I had never imagined nor could have contemplated. In less than 12 months my life has changed forever. Under Miss Kendal’s guidance and control in her play room I have grown in stature and realised a humility so far from my normal life that it is almost unrecognisable, but nonetheless is still captivating and thrilling and continues to grow with each session.


I feel real and absolute joy from each time we meet. I desperately need to please Miss Kendal at any cost. I have been beaten with every instrument imaginable, restrained naked to a spanking bench, stood in isolation in the corner desperately needing attention and fearing it would not come, have begged to be punished, have grovelled on all fours, and even kissed the floor! I have spent happy moments under Miss Kendal’s feet. I have experienced fear and exhilaration at the same time in equal parts, but above all else I have learned to submit completely and without question to Miss Kendal for her satisfaction and enjoyment.


This journey has also changed our relationship along the way, over the months I have battled with my emotions not wanting to be labelled and again Miss Kendal’s aftercare and comforting advice has guided me through this. Our level of trust has also moved significantly, from a position of trust based purely around discretion, to complete and unqualified trust for my safety and wellbeing when I am in her play room and particularly when I am in sub space. This trust, like the entire relationship, has grown without need to discuss it, but just simply through an understanding built between us. I now consider I have a friendship with Miss Kendal which is built around her professionalism and understanding of my needs. A friendship which allows me to submit without question and is mutually rewarding.


Very early in our relationship I sat uncomfortably after a session and said to Miss Kendal “I can’t believe I’m telling you this…..” and now in only a few months I am happy to tell you all what a fabulous, powerful, strong, and yet caring Disciplinarian Miss Kendal is. It is an absolute pleasure for me to submit to her and  I look forward to continuing with my journey and, most importantly, Miss Kendal leading me along the path!”